Love For The BigScreen Ignited My Interest In Acting – Whiteberry

BABA KAMO, real names, Yahaya Habeeb Olatunji a.K.a Dr Whiteberry,  is a stand up Comedian, Actor, Movie producer and Content Creator. He is a native of   Ita Merin,  Oluwajuwonlo house, in  Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria.
The  September born is a product  of  the families of Alhaji and Mrs. Abdulqadiri Yahaya Akanbi.
In this encounter, White berry made some ear hitching disclosures about his career and personality. Enjoy your reading.
Q: Who Is White berry
A: Whiteberry is a Master of Ceremony, a comedian per excellence, a versatile actor and a naturally gifted Content Creator.
I was born in the northern part of Nigeria, Kano State precisely  and I grew up in Kano and Ilorin Kwara States.
Q: How  did you come about  the name Baba Karmo
A: I got the name from the character I always played in my skits
Q: Who is your direct boss or your bosses in the comedy industry.
A: I have lot of bosses in the industry because I am always open to learning and fresh ideas. Gbenga Adeyinka is someone I respect and I have learned a lot from him  so I can call him my direct boss
Q: You are into acting  too what inspired that.
A: What people don’t actually know about me is that, I this started this whole stuff with acting. Acting is what I really have passion for right from the beginning, so I went back into acting because I want to expand my market to the big screen
Q: Tell us about  you Ilorin annual  comedy show.
A: Comedy ward with Baba Kamo has been committed to promoting a happy society, not just for people in Ilorin, but for the entire world. Th  show  has become the biggest annual comedy concert in Ilorin Kwara State, drawing the attention of entertainment enthusiasts from all over the country and I thank God for this.
The concert features some of the most significant Nigerian celebrities in the entertainment industry.  The likes of 9ice, Qdot Gbenga Adeyinka, Baba Alariya, Ozain, Dr smile, Larry jay, Honeytongue, Mc Desktop, Finestz, and Others.
Q: Your colleagues are trying to explore Ibadan, Lagos  and other cities, why are you particular about  ilorin
A: First off, I am  particular about ilorin because I am from Ilorin and people will not come from outside to develop Ilorin for us because they want to develop their states too. Secondly, everyone represents a state that they identify  with. It is just like every state has a king. Abeokuta has Dr smile, Osogbo has Baba Alariya, Edo state has Edo Pikin, Ibadan has Remote, woli Agba, Ozain and others.
I am particular about Ilorin because I want to  identify with my State and my most priority is development of Entertainment in my State
Q: Do you have any regrets  in life
A:I don’t think I have any regrets in life
Q: Is there any challenge  or  Challenges you have faced that has improved  you one way  or the other.
A: I Disappointment from friends and colleagues have been my major motivation and when people tell me you can’t do it, I do the work. These two have made me to  up my game. My second challenge is relating with people because I am a shy person and also an introvert. Most times when people meet me they always expect to see the same Baba Kamo on social media but thank God now I have started to manage it.
Q: What should  your fans expect  from you soon
A: My fans should be expecting lots of projects from me. Presently, I am working on a big project that will shake the industry. It’s right time for me to hit the big screen

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