I’ll Dump PDP, Join APC, Retire There Politically – Aeroland





Otunba Segun Adewale, popularly called Aeroland and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) candidate for Lagos West Senatorial seat in the 2023 general elections has said that he will dump the main opposition party and join the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) and retire his political career there.

Areoland in a press conference on Saturday stated that he has invested so much in the PDP and unfortunately he has been attacked by members of the party who are not loyal to the party.

He said that those who stole the money meant for campaigns in the 2023 general elections were exposed and for that reason they had been fighting him.

‘I was only called to observe the handing over of the money and by the time the money git to Lagos about N1 Billion was missing. I had no choice than to expose that,” he added.

According to him, he had paid his dues and is ready to join the ruling party, stressing that some people who claimed to be leaders of the party are using the party to trade.

He said, “I’ve recently been under several media attacks by a PDP Board of Trustees member (BOT) after I exposed and called him out on his several anti-party activities for two decades in the party.

“You would also recall that shortly after the last election cycle was completed, some elements within the PDP who had worked against the party during the election, were even confirmed by a chieftain of the APC (Deputy Governor) on national TV. made efforts to rejoin the party in order to continue in their quest to strategize for their sinister agenda ahead of 2027.

“While I don’t have problems with any politician cross carpeting, it is highly reprehensible that these wicked elements have traded the fortunes and efforts of well spirited members of the party like myself and other hardworking candidates who work tirelessly spending their hard earned money to contest election only for their efforts to become futile.

“For more than two decades, he has traded the fortunes of the party. It’s on record that he has fought with all the Governorship candidates in the party from 2007 till date. Ditto for other chieftains of the, who had to leave the party for him when they could not bear his offensive.

“On the eve of every election cycle since 2011, Bode George in his characteristic manner, would instruct members to vote for another party. At a time, he instructed members to vote for Labour Party, the following election cycle, he took his followers to vote for ADP.

“After the election, there were a lot of concerns about the anti-party activities of some party chieftains including Bode George.

“This was what occasioned the case instituted at the court to compel the party to expel him for his anti-party activities, which are contrary to the constitution of the party.

Adewale who lamented that he has lost so much because his loyalty to PDP, said “I’ve not only consistently  won at my polling units since I joined the party, I have equally initiated and completed several projects ranging of building boreholes, installing transformers, renovating schools, supporting traders and artisans, paying hospital bills of many party members till date.

“This is aside the billions I have spent in prosecuting my elections as a candidate of the party since 2007. Besides the financial toll, my once thriving business has taken a great hit as the ruling APC has gone on several smear campaigns to malign my business and reputation.

“In an attempt to save face and tarnish my image, these charlatans supported by Bode George leveled a phony allegation of embezzling election funds against me, when in actual fact, I wasn’t the chairman of the presidential campaign committee led by Deji Doherty. When I challenged them to provide evidence of their allegation, they could not.

“Undaunted in their quest to defame me, these individuals went on several social media loops, calling me several unprintable names, bandying fictitious figures of monies allegedly collected by me from the PDP presidential campaign committee,.. Despite several warnings to desist, they continued and I reported the case to the police authorities.

“The police authorities swung into action and some of these individuals were invited for questioning for defaming me. These people were still unrelenting in their efforts to attack me for exposing their anti party activity and embezzlement of party funds, In a twist of event, they now had to use the people in my constituency, Alimosho, to attack me. Led by the PDP LGA chairman, they alleged that I collected some money meant for the LG election fund..

“For the record, let me state emphatically that I don’t have any problem with Alimosho PDP. As a matter of fact, my ward has reposed confidence in me despite the shenanigans of some bad elements being used by Bode George to cause distraction. It’s laughable that these same elements would act unconstitutionally by suspending me from the party when they do not have such powers. By the constitution of the party, I can only be suspended by my ward.

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