Why I appointed 273 lawyers as aides – Ondo State Attorney-General






Ondo State Attorney-General and Commissioner for Justice, Olukayode Ajulo (SAN), has appointed 273 lawyers as advisers while also announcing his eight-point agenda in office.

In a statement, Mr Ajulo said the appointment of the aides was aimed at enhancing the provision of excellent, independent, and ethical legal services to the State and protecting the rights of its people.

“Upon assuming the position of Attorney General of Ondo State, a total of 273 lawyers, comprising both seasoned professionals and junior colleagues, eagerly presented a multitude of ideas to lend their support to me in serving the government and people of Ondo State. I have graciously appointed all the 273 lawyers, dividing them into two categories: Honorary Advisers and Technical Advisers to the Attorney General & Commissioner of Justice of Ondo State.

“They will provide invaluable guidance to reinforce the vision of the Office of the Attorney-General of Ondo State to be the best public law office in Nigeria,” the statement read.

Mr Ajulo disclosed that the terms of engagement of the aides, who are yet to be named officially, were remarkably innovative.

According to the Justice Commissioner, the appointees are lawyers who have distinguished themselves in law practice, bench (retired), government, academia, and social work, among others.

He listed an eight-point reformative agenda, AJULOKAY, which would drive his time in his office to include (A) Access To Justice, (J) Justice Sector Reform, (U) Uniform Law Enforcement Procedures, and (L) Law Officers And Lawyers’ Welfare In Ondo State Will Be Reviewed.

Other points are (O) Obedience To Court Order And Law; (K) Knowledge Of Existing Laws (Adequate Dissemination); (A) Adherence To Executive Orders Of The Governor And Rule Of Law; and (Y) Youth, Children, Juvenile, Women And Persons With Disability Laws.

Find below the Commissioner’s 8-point agenda:


In view of the functions of the office of the Attorney General of a State donated by sections 195 and 211 of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (1999) as amended, together with all the stakeholders, we shall work within an 8-point performative agenda to recalibrate the law and Justice sector in Ondo State for a renewed hope and in line with the mission and vision of His Excellency, Lucky Aiyedatiwa.

This agenda will inform the objectives and strategies the office of the Attorney General of Ondo State and the Ministry of Justice will pursue, as well as performance indicators to measure our progress while in office.

A – ACCESS TO JUSTICE: We shall ensure the protection of fundamental human rights, particularly the rights of the vulnerable in the State. In this regard, we shall work towards recalibrating the human rights and legal aid institutions with the aim of capacity building for better delivery of their respective core mandates. Particularly, the Office of People Defender will be established with the mandate to safeguard the fundamental human rights and freedom of the vulnerable and disadvantaged groups through a strong, vibrant, and high-quality pro bono service in collaboration with stakeholders nationally and internationally.

J – JUSTICE SECTOR REFORM: Bearing in my mind the importance of the Judiciary as the last hope of the common man, we shall assiduously work towards the facilitation of immediate and long-term reforms in the judiciary. The overall objective of justice sector reform in the State will include the building of a justice system that is affordable, efficient, independent, transparent, professional, and accountable to citizens and residents of the State. We shall ensure innovation in the justice delivery system in the State and ensure the speedy dispensation of justice. We shall also take maximum advantage of the existing legal framework in the State with a view to advancing more creative development for seamless criminal justice delivery in Ondo State.

U – UNIFORM LAW ENFORCEMENT PROCEDURES: We shall ensure adherence to law and order in respect of enforcement of law by security agencies and MDAs. The idea of illegal arrest, detention and enforcement of order of Court must be stopped. All security agencies in the State must comply with the laws establishing such bodies.

L – LAW OFFICERS AND LAWYERS’ WELFARE IN ONDO STATE WILL BE REVIEWED: We shall look into all areas of existing displeasure in the practice of law in Ondo State vis a vis the need for improved welfare of law officers across the State. We shall collaborate with the Chief Judge of the State to embark on development of Court Infrastructures, eradication of touting in Courts and we shall collaborate with the leadership of the Nigerian Bar Association in the State to establish a Compliant Desk to address all issues connected with lawyers and their practice across the State.

O – OBEDIENCE TO COURT ORDER AND LAW: There must be strict compliance with Order of Courts and Law in the State by Government and all persons. We shall do everything within the perimeters of our law to prohibit flagrant abuse of Court Orders and Laws within the State.

K – KNOWLEDGE OF EXISTING LAWS (ADEQUATE DISSEMINATION): We shall engage in strategic partnership with key stakeholders in the State to facilitate the dissemination of the existing laws in the State and constitute the Law Development Strategy Team to ensure adequate information pertaining to different sectors of the society is disseminated across the State, utilising all known communication platforms for compliance.

A – ADHERENCE TO EXECUTIVE ORDERS OF THE GOVERNOR AND RULE OF LAW: We shall, from time to time, advise the Executive Governor in tune with the needs and yearnings of the people of Ondo State. We ensure compliance by all MDAs and other stakeholders in the State of all Executive orders issued by the Executive Governor in this regard.

Y – YOUTH, CHILDREN, JUVENILE, WOMEN AND PERSONS WITH DISABILITY LAWS: We shall zoom, with particular attention, all laws relating to Youth, Children, Juvenile, Women and Persons with disability with a view to ensuring that these classes of people are not unlawfully abused or exploited for whatever reasons within the entire state. We shall liaise with the House of Assembly to make law for the protection of the vulnerable in the State.


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