Sovereign Finance Offers Sustainable Investment Strategies for Inflationary Headwinds





The Nigerian economy is currently facing a rough storm. Wild swings in currency exchange rates, rapid price increases, and a growing number of businesses shutting down are creating a difficult operating environment. These challenges can make planning for the future difficult for businesses and individuals alike and can lead to higher costs for everyone. 

Amid this situation, Sovereign Finance Company Limited (SFL), leading financial services provider, hosted its first webinar of the year, centered around the theme “Sustainable Investment Strategies for Changing Times.” This timely event brought together industry experts, investors, and stakeholders to explore emerging trends, strategies, and the rationale for investing in today’s critical period. The forum provided a treasure trove of information to enable discerning individuals and businesses to proactively navigate these financial headwinds.

The webinar shed light on several pivotal trends reshaping the investment space, both globally and within Nigeria. Mr. Olusola Dada, MD, SFL, highlighted four key issues:

De-dollarization and Competitive Devaluation: Nigeria is witnessing a shift towards de-dollarization and competitive devaluation, signaling reduced reliance on the US dollar and a more diversified currency base. This trend reflects a broader global movement towards currency independence and carries implications for trade and investment dynamics.

Optimization of the Investment Triangle: Investors are increasingly prioritizing the optimization of the investment triangle, balancing Return, Liquidity, and Risk. This strategic focus underscores the importance of achieving profitability while ensuring market accessibility and effective risk management.

Rise of “Green” Investments and ESG Consideration: There’s a growing emphasis on “green” investments driven by environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations. However, with this trend comes an increase in accusations of “greenwashing,” highlighting the importance of robust ESG due diligence for investors.

Disruption by Fintech Innovations: Unicorns and fintech companies are reshaping the financial sector landscape, introducing innovations such as robot investing and do-it-yourself investment platforms. These advancements challenge traditional models and underscore the growing influence of technology in financial services.


Understanding Risk and Return

The concept of risk and return was elucidated, highlighting the fundamental principle governing investment decisions. The risk-return tradeoff underscores the relationship between potential gains and the level of uncertainty associated with an investment. Balancing risk and return objectives are crucial for investors, requiring strategic risk management frameworks aligned with financial goals and risk tolerance.


Rationale for Investing in Uncertain Times

According to Mr. Dada, “Despite economic uncertainties, investing remains essential for wealth preservation and growth, as investing helps protect against inflation, enables long-term wealth accumulation, and spreads risk through diversified portfolios. Moreover, strategic investment can manage specific risks and support legacy planning, ensuring sustainability across generations.”

SFL outlined four recommended strategies for sustainable investments:

  1. Defensive Sectors: Investing in sectors less sensitive to economic downturns, such as healthcare and utilities.
  2. Diversified Portfolios: Spreading investments across multiple asset classes to reduce risk.
  3. Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs): Participating in income-generating real estate properties through REITs.
  4. Emergency Savings and Liquid Assets: Maintaining readily accessible funds to buffer against unexpected expenses or economic downturns.


Navigating Uncertainties with Diversification

Diversification emerged as a key theme, offering a proven strategy to navigate uncertainties, reducing risk and enhancing returns. Various forms of diversification were explored, including asset class, sector, geographic, and market capitalization diversification, among others. 

By spreading risk across various assets, investors can mitigate the impact of adverse events and capitalize on diverse growth opportunities. However, caution is advised against over-diversification and hidden risks associated with seemingly diversified investments.

Mr. Dada explained that by spreading investments across different assets or asset classes, investors can mitigate risk and capitalize on diverse growth opportunities.



Undoubtedly, Sovereign Finance’s insightful webinar offered a roadmap for navigating the complexities of today’s investment landscape. By decoding current trends, embracing diversification, and carefully balancing risk and reward, the webinar empowered attendees to build sustainable and resilient investment strategies. This journey begins with understanding the unique challenges, such as volatile currency markets and rising inflation, that shape the current financial climate.

The importance of diversifying portfolios was a key takeaway. Investors, existing and prospective must spread investments across different asset classes, sectors, and regions to help mitigate risk and protect their portfolios from market fluctuations. However, striking the right balance between potential returns and risk tolerance is crucial. Investors must consider individual goals and time horizons, to create a personalized investment plan that aligns with their needs.

Ultimately, the webinar aimed to equip participants with the knowledge and tools to navigate uncertainty and build a resilient portfolio that thrives even in challenging times. It is clearly on the path to achieving its goal. 

In the end, SFL urged investors to seek professional guidance, stay informed about market developments, and adapt needed strategy so as to stay ahead of the curve. To this end, the leading financial services provider offers its professional advisory service and guidance to the Nigerian investing public. With bespoke financial solutions that are carefully designed for businesses and high net worth individuals to cater to their financial needs across asset and credit financing, termed investments, and financial advisory services.

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