The community of Ilupeju, well known for its vibrant Indian community in Nigeria, has witnessed an inspiring display of camaraderie and compassion in recent events. Ambassador Dr. Kirti Sudhanshu, a prominent member of the Ilupeju Society, has come forward to share a remarkable story of solidarity and support demonstrated by ,
Honourable Rasaq Olusola Ajala, Executive Chairman, Odi-Olowo/Ojuwoye LCDA and the KKF.

Dr. KIRTI Sudhanshu, reflecting on his long-standing involvement with the Ilupeju community, highlighted the support and compassion shown by Honorable Rasaq Ajala during challenging times, particularly amidst the global pandemic. AMBASSADOR DR. KIRTI expressed gratitude for the assistance provided by AMB Honorable Rasaq Ajala and the remarkable experience he encountered.

The impactful event that further exemplified the spirit of unity occurred when a devastating fire engulfed the AAA Hotel on Tuesday 6th February 2024, a well-recognized establishment owned and operated by Mr. Anand Kumar, a respected figure in the hospitality industry with over three decades of dedicated service. In a matter of minutes, the hotel and its contents succumbed to the flames, leaving the community in shock and devastation.

In the face of this tragedy, Dr. KIRTI Sudhanshu turned to Honorable Rasaq Ajala for support, and the response was nothing short of extraordinary. Honorable Rasaq Ajala extended his generosity and compassion by promptly visiting Mr. Anand Kumar and the leaders of the Indian community, offering hope and faith during this trying time. His swift and heartfelt actions provided much-needed reassurance, fostering a sense of solidarity and kinship within the community.

Dr. KIRTI emphasized the profound impact of Honorable Rasaq Ajala’s leadership and unequivocally acclaimed him as an invaluable asset to the nation. His unwavering commitment to the welfare of the community and his remarkable display of compassion have set a powerful example for others to emulate, embodying the belief that “good begets good.” The KKF, through its noble actions, has further exemplified its dedication to fostering a spirit of humanity first, amplifying the positive influence of their charitable endeavors within the community and beyond.

The heartwarming display of support and compassion showcased by Honorable Rasaq Ajala, the KKF, and the entire Ilupeju community serves as a testament to the remarkable spirit of unity and empathy that binds us all. It is through acts of kindness and solidarity, such as those witnessed during these trying times, that we emerge stronger and more united as a community.HRA and KKF have extended support to the community in all possible ways, said AMB Harish Thavrani,KKF PATRON.

As we navigate the uncertainties of life, these instances of selflessness and compassion remind us of the immeasurable impact of coming together as brothers and sisters in charity and solidarity,said KKF FOUNDER.


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