AY Makun



By Itunu Azeez Kareem

Popular comedian AY Makun has taken a legal stand against defamation by filing a petition against a Facebook user named Agozi Samuel. The comedian alleges that a video circulated by Samuel on his Facebook page has caused him significant harm.

Summary of the Petition:
AY claims that the video, titled “AY comedian where is your wife,” contains false and baseless statements aimed at tarnishing his image. The comedian insists that the allegations made in the video are not only unfounded but also capable of causing annoyance, insult, and unnecessary anxiety to him and his family.

According to AY, Samuel intentionally created and circulated the video to gain popularity and generate traffic to his page. The false claims include accusations of an extramarital affair with May Edochie, the wife of Yul Edochie, and being responsible for the marital crisis between the couple.

AY’s Response:
The comedian asserts that these allegations are entirely untrue and baseless. AY, through his lawyers, has filed a petition before the Delta state police command on Monday, 22 January 2024. The petition calls upon the state police command to take immediate action in investigating and apprehending Samuel. The evidence presented suggests defamation, cyberstalking, and cyberbullying against AY by Samuel.

Excerpts from the Petition:
“In the four minutes, thirty-two seconds video titled ‘AY comedian where is your wife’…The Suspect, in a mischievous attempt to generate traffic and views for his page and to gain cheap popularity, knowingly and intentionally made various statements that are not only false and baseless but also capable of causing annoyance, insult, enmity, hatred, public outrage and needless anxiety to our client and his family and exposing our client to hatred and public ridicule.”

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