The Aneyo family Wins Big at the Grand Finale of Indomie Love Bowl

After ten weeks of exciting games and fanfare, the Aneyo family beat nine other families to emerge the winner of the grand finale of Africa Magic’s Indomie Love Bowl family game show.
It was truly an exciting evening as ten dynamite teams, all survivors of previous episodes on the show, unleashed their A-game in the fight for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd positions. The families featured in the finale were the Ajibodu family, Gbadamosi family, Feyisitan family, Etim family, Popoola family, Ogunbowale family, Nkwocha family, Aneyo family, Okeowo family, and the Dairo family.
Hosts, Stephanie Coker and Darasimi Nadi, hit the scene dressed to impress and radiating a contagious energy. It was a riot of fun and a promise of an unforgettable night where the energy levels were as high as the stakes.
If you missed it, here’s how it went down!
The finale featured five games and with each game played, the two families with the lowest score got disqualified from the show.
One peculiarity of the finale is the rules of the Love Card. In this episode, the Love Card could only be used to double the score in a game if a family wins the game.
The first game of the night was Rapid Fire Questions, The families were grouped in teams and the game began. The Gbadamosi family won this game with 5 points while the Ajibodu and Etim Effiong family left the competition.
The second game, Bowling, had the kids try to take down a stack of bowling pins with a bowling ball. The kids had just two tries to knock down all 10 pins, each pin representing 5 points.
The Aneyo family won the game with 50 points and the Okeowo and Dairo family left the competition.
The third game, Obstacle Course, had the families walk an obstacle course while balancing a ball on a spoon which would be placed in a basket at the end of the course, each family had 60 seconds to finish the course.
The Ogunbowale family won the game, and the Feyisitan and the Gbadamosi family left the competition.
In the Fourth game, Indomie Love Dance, the families had to create unique dance moves created from patterns printed on an Indomi-themed mat. With just four families left in the competition, only one family was eliminated in this round. The Popoola family came in last leaving the Aneyo family, the Ogunbowale family, and the Nkwocha family.
In the final game of the night, Fix The Puzzle, the families had to complete the puzzle of an Indomie packet within 60 seconds.
The Aneyo family won this game with 100 points as doubled by the love card emerging the winner of the grand finale of the Indomie Love Bowl game show claiming the grand prize of 5 million naira cash, 6 months’ supply of Indomie and Indomie fan club subscription.
The Ogunbowale came in second place and walked away with 2.5 million naira, 3 months’ supply of Indomie, and 3 months of Indomie fan club subscription.
The Nkwocha family came third and won 1 million naira, 1 month’s supply of Indomie, and an Indomie fan club subscription.
The exhilarating journey of “Indomie Love Bowl” Season One concluded in a spectacular blaze of glory, leaving memories of laughter, competition, and family bonds that will echo long after the confetti settles.
Stay tuned for more adventures in the next season!
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