I Tried To Befriend Late Gani Fawehinmi But Failed — IBB





Self-acclaimed evil genius and former Nigerian dictator, Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida, has spoken openly about his unsuccessful efforts to forge a friendship with the late human rights lawyer and activist, Gani Fawehinmi.

Fawehinmi—a social critic, human and civil rights lawyer, and the Lamofin of Ondo— died in the early hours of 5 September 2009 after a prolonged battle with lung cancer. He was 71 years old.

During an interview on Channels Television’s Inside Sources With Laolu Akande, Babangida acknowledged Fawehinmi’s strong critical voice against his military regime and admitted trying “all possible means” to become friends with him.

Babangida described Fawehinmi as a “good critic” and claimed he valued his perspectives. He revealed attempting to connect with Fawehinmi directly and through mutual acquaintances, including former minister Alex Akinyele.

However, despite IBB’s efforts, Fawehinmi, known for his unwavering principles and public perception of Babangida as an “evil genius,” remained distant.

The former military leader went on to say that Fawehinmi’s critical voice even influenced his policy decisions. “If we came up with a policy, my first question to my staff was: What would Gani Fawehinmi say?” he shared.

He said, “He (Fawehinmi) is a good critic and he doesn’t want to be seen with someone that people already perceived as ‘an evil genius’.”

“I like listening to him. I made it a point to become his friend. He was very friendly with one of my former ministers, the late Alex Akinyele; they were very good friends, and he tried to make us very good friends.

“If we come up with a policy, my first question to my staff was: What would Gani Fawehinmi say?”

Babangida attributed his pursuit of Fawehinmi’s friendship to his appreciation for “bright minds” and his belief that prominent figures joining his administration served the national interest.


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