Policeman Tortured By Soldiers Seeks Army Chief’s Intervention



By Seun Adeuyi

A Nigerian policeman identified as Edet Inwang is currently in hospital receiving treatment after he was allegedly tortured and brutalised by some soldiers in Asaba, Delta State.

In a post via X, Edet’s lawyer, Inibehe Effiong revealed that the attack happened on December 9, 2023 when his client was going to his place of work.

He decided to park at a store very close to the Nigerian Army’s Brigade to purchase some items.

Displaying video and photo evidence, Effiong requested the Chief of Army Staff, General Taoreed Lagbaja, to ensure that the culprits are identified and made to face the full wrath of the law.

The post titled, “HOW NIGERIAN ARMY PERSONNEL TORTURED AND BRUTALIZED SERVING POLICE OFFICER ASP EDET INWANG TILL HE LOST CONSCIOUSNESS OVER ALLEGED WRONG PACKING,” reads: “These are graphic videos and pictures of a serving Assistant Superintendent of Police posted to the Delta State Police Command, ASP Edet Inyang.

“The attack happened on the 9th of December 2023. He parked his vehicle at a store close to the Nigerian Army’s 63 Brigade in Asaba to purchase some items.

“Upon packing, he heard the voice of a man on mufti whom he would later identify as one Lance Corporal Onyibuchi of the Intelligence Department attached to the 63 Brigade, Asaba talking from a far distance and speaking in tones which he could not comprehend.

“While the ranting was going on, a uniformed soldier approached him and requested him to re-park his vehicle. He immediately made attempts to comply with the instruction. While he was trying to re-park, the said Lance Corporal approached him and dragged him backwards and asked him why he refused to obey his instructions.

“Edet tried to explain that he did not hear him properly because he was inaudible given the distance between them.

“The next thing was for the said Lance Corporal to start pounding on and brutalizing ASP Edet along with not less than ten other soldiers. They brutalized him till he lost consciousness and they had to take him to the military hospital for medical care.

“It was while in the hospital that one of the officers who he had worked with in a Joint Task Force recognized him. The soldiers who tortured him to almost a point of death upon being queried by their superior said they did not know that he was a police officer.

“What a ridiculous statement! Should any human being be treated so horribly over alleged wrong packing? Assuming without conceding that he did not park properly, or that he parked at a wrong place, should the response be an attempt on his life? Is traffic offence now within the jurisdiction of the Nigerian Army? This is a grave violation of fundamental rights. ASP Edet Inwang is still receiving treatment.

“His left ear is barely functioning. They used an iron rod to hit his head. They also used the butt of a gun to assault him till he bled. I have written to the Chief of Army Staff to demand that the offending soldiers be duly punished and adequate compensation paid to ASP Edet.

“We cannot continue to live in a country where the rights of citizens are abused brazenly without consequences. The @HQNigerianArmyshould address this matter urgently.”


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