Spreading  Love And Giving Back on Celebrity Episode Of Indomie Love Bowl Game Show


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It was another celebrity episode of the Indomie Love Bowl. Just like the last celebrity episode, the celebrities played for an opportunity to give back to society by donating the cash prizes won to their favourite charity.

The celebrity episode featured Adedayo Tosin Olufemi family, Emen Ime Okwoche family and Titilayo Oyinsan family.

In this episode,  the teams were given code names instead of being identified by colours. Cash prizes won by Team Peace will be donated to the Right Start foundation; Team Joy will donate their winnings to the Living Foundation charity; and Team Love will support the Rewire Africa network with their winnings.

In the first game of the night, the Fire round segment, Team Joy won with 8 points, heading into the night ahead of the rest. Team Joy displayed confidence and team spirit.

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The second game of the night, Indomie Toss, had the celebrity families tossing colour-coded sacks for points. Team Peace won this round with 90 points.

The third game of the night, Finish The Lyrics, had the audience dancing along to popular nostalgic nursery rhymes. The families were tasked to complete the lyrics of popular nursery rhymes, and they all definitely brought their A-game as they aced the round with a perfect score. Team Joy doubled their win with the use of their love card and bagged their second win of the night.

The fourth game, Indomie Jenga, had the teams stacking up Jenga blocks within 60 seconds. The team with the most blocks won the game. Team Joy won this round with 50 points.

The final game of the night, Indomie Time, each mom made their Indomie dish, and the kids had to guess which meal was their mom’s based on a 20-second taste test. Team Joy and Team Peace scaled this round with 200 as their kids guessed the right Indomie dish.

At the end of the night, Team Joy won the game with 348 points, and the corresponding cash prize will be donated to the Living Foundation charity.

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