By Oke Odunmorayo

In a video shared on her X account, Big Brother Naija star Anita Natacha Akide, widely known as Tacha, offers unconventional advice to women, suggesting that dating multiple men simultaneously increases the likelihood of receiving a ring.

The reality TV star encourages women not to limit themselves and to explore their options in the dating world.

Tacha states in the video, “If you want that ring sis, date at least three guys. If Martins doesn’t pop the question, Easy would, and if Easy does not ask the question, Femi would.” Her advice challenges traditional norms about dating and suggests that having multiple suitors may lead to a more favorable outcome.

The reality star urges women not to compromise their worth, emphasizing that it doesn’t matter whether people like them or not. Tacha believes that women should take charge of their dating lives and not wait for a single person to make a move.

In addition to her unconventional dating advice, Tacha encourages women to be proactive in asking their male partners for financial support. She challenges the notion that refraining from asking for money makes someone a ‘good girl,’ highlighting the importance of financial openness in relationships.

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