If You Really Want To Help Zack Orji, Fly Him Abroad, National Hospital Is A Mortuary _ Charly Boy

If You Really Want To Help Zack Orji, Fly Him Abroad, National Hospital Is A Mortuary - Charly Boy



He added a critical remark about the National Hospital, stating that it is akin to a mortuary and implying that seeking medical care abroad would be a more viable option for the ailing actor.

Charly Boy also criticized the Minister of Arts, Culture, and the Creative Economy, Hannatu Musawa, for her recent visit to the ailing actor, Zack Orji.

The minister paid a visit to Orji at a private hospital in Abuja on Tuesday, where Ngozi Orji, the wife of the ailing actor, and other family members received her.

During the visit, Musawa personally contributed an undisclosed amount to assist with the medical expenses of the ailing actor.

She expressed optimism, assuring that brighter days were on the horizon for Nigerian creatives.

In a post on X, Charly Boy responded to Musawa’s visit, labelling her as an attention seeker. He emphasized that the ailing actor, Zack Orji, is the least of Nigeria’s concerns.

Charly Boy questioned the relevance of such visits, wondering how they contribute to addressing issues like the fluctuating price of petrol or the escalating cost of living in the country.

Charly Boy emphasized that Zack Orji is a highly respected Nigerian icon and urged people not to misinterpret his previous comments. Charly Boy acknowledged Orji’s notable contributions, highlighting that they are evident and recognized by all.

Charly Boy’s post read, “Chronic attention seekers make we hear word. Nigeria currently has a bigger terminal problem bigger than Zack Orji.

“Don’t get it twisted, He’s a respected Nigerian icon. His contributions are there for all to see.

“If una wan help Zack, carry am go abroad since na una strong supporter. National hospital is a mortuary.

On New Year’s Eve, 64-year-old Zack Orji reportedly collapsed and was subsequently admitted to the Intensive Care Unit of the National Hospital in Abuja. Following this, he was later transferred to a private hospital for surgery.


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