New Year Message: Ajia Felicitates with President Tinubu, Calls on Nigerians to Build a Strong, Resilient Economy for a Brighter Future




The President and Chief Executive Officer of Funab Group of Companies Limited, Alhaji Ibrahim Mohammed Ajia has felicitates with the Ccalled on Nigerians to work together, hand in hand, to build a strong and resilient economy that will not only benefit us today, but also generations to come.

Ajia made the call after paying a courtesy visit to felicitate the President and Commander-in- Chief of the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, President Ahmed Bola Tinubu, GCFR, on the last day of 2023, in the company of Hon. Muktar Aliyu Betara, Chairman House of Representatives’ Committee on FCT, Alh Musa Yakubu CEO Musaco Investment Ltd and Hon Mohammed Almankura at the President’s residence in Ikoyi Lagos state.

Ajia, in his New Year message tagged message of possibilities, hopes and aspirations for a brighter future, said, “As we bid farewell to the challenges of the past year, let us welcome the fresh beginnings and endless possibilities that the New Year brings. Let our hearts be filled with possibilities, hopes, aspirations, and anticipations for a brighter future, especially with regards to our country’s economy and security.

According to the message, Ajia is hopeful that the in-coming year holds great opportunity, “The year 2024 holds great potential for economic growth and stability for our beloved nation, Nigeria. Let us work together, hand in hand, to build a strong and resilient economy that will not only benefit us today, but also generations to come; that will also make our businesses thrive, investments flourish, and job opportunities abound for all our citizens.”

In the same vein, Ajia noted that the issue of security challenges should not be taken lightly. “We call upon our leaders, both at the states and national levels, to govern with the fear of God and good conscience. The protection and well-being of the people should be their highest priority.

Let us invest in our security forces, equip them with the necessary tools, and provide them with ample training and support. Only then can we truly ensure the safety and peace of our people.”

To our esteemed leaders, “We urge you to implement policies that will alleviate the suffering of our people. We understand the challenges and complexities of governance, but we implore you to always have the welfare of the citizens at heart.

“Focus on initiatives that will provide access to quality education, healthcare, affordable housing, and basic infrastructure. With this, you will be uplifting the lives of millions and leaving a legacy of positive change.”

Ajia condoles with the people of Plateau and Kaduna states over the needless killings in those states.

In his statement, “Our hearts go out to the people of Plateau and Kaduna states who have endured immense pain and loss due to acts of violence and insecurity. We stand in solidarity with you, and we call upon the government to do everything within their power to bring swift justice to the perpetrators.

“Let us not allow such tragedies to become a recurring nightmare in our society. It is imperative that we address the root causes of these conflicts and work towards lasting peace and reconciliation.

“We must never forget that the responsibility of safeguarding the lives and properties of innocent citizens lies with the government.

“We must hold our leaders accountable and demand that they live up to their duty to protect us. We call upon the government to thoroughly investigate all cases of violence and bring those responsible to justice. It is only through their actions that we can restore faith in our government and ensure the safety of our communities.”

The Ilorin-born politician urged Nigerians to be patient with our leaders, noting that changes take time. “Dear compatriots, let us exercise patience with our leaders. Change takes time, and the transformation we desire for our beloved country cannot be achieved overnight. We must have trust in the process and continue to play our parts as responsible citizens.

“Together, let us work towards building a nation that we can all be proud of, one that encapsulates the values of justice, unity, and prosperity.”

He wished all Kwarans and Nigerians a Happy New Year praying that this year be filled with abundant blessings and limitless opportunities for growth.” He said.


President and Chief executive officer, CEO, Funab Group of Companies, Alhaji Ibrahim Mohammed Ajia in a warm handshake with President Bola Ahmed Tinubu at the President residence in Ikoyi, Lagos.

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