Enjoy Uninterrupted Financial Transactions with the PalmPay App this Holiday




This yuletide season, holiday-goers who want to experience uninterrupted transactions must shop with a fintech platform that offers a seamless and secure payment process.

Since financial transactions – especially during the holiday season – are supposed to be fun and seamless, you should use trusted digital payment options to ensure you get the best shopping experience during the Christmas holiday.

Leading fintech company, PalmPay, takes the lead in offering secure transaction experience with its app and Point of Sales (POS) terminals and other benefits like round-the-clock banking, reliable network, discounts, and free transfers.

*Available Banking 24/7*
First, you need a fintech platform that offers round-the-clock services, even during the holiday season and one that provides financial products that empower you to make the most of celebration while holidaying. For example, while several businesses are closed for the holiday, PalmPay users can call the fintech’s customer care at +234 018886888 or email – support@palmpay.com for timely resolution of transaction issues. Also you can contact PalmPay Nigeria on Instagram, X, Facebook, LinkedIn and TikTok for instant feedback on concerns and issues.

*Reliable Network*
Due to the fast nature of holiday shopping, you need a fintech platform that works and works fast, one whose network is 100 percent reliable, with payments recorded instantly within seconds. As the industry’s leading, reliable and seamless fintech platform, you are guaranteed 99.5% of transactions on the PalmPay app are successful.

*Discounts & Bonuses*
Unlike other competing fintech platforms, PalmPay offers its users several exciting discount packages and bonuses whenever they pay bills such as electricity, shop, send and receive money using the PalmPay app. Every month, PalmPay pays its users chargebacks for performing transactions using the PalmPay app.

*90+ Free Transfers*
In the world of unending bank charges, PalmPay is an oasis in the desert. The fintech app offers users 90 free monthly transfers to other banks, making holiday shopping fun and interesting. Wouldn’t it be exciting to shop this holiday knowing you won’t get charged for most of your transactions?

To enjoy these benefits and have a smooth shopping experience during this holiday season,
1. download the PalmPay app on Google Play or Apple Store
2. verify your BVN or NIN
3. start transacting and follow PalmPay Nigeria on all social media platforms to enjoy discounts and bonanzas.


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