Official Statement from Dozy Mmobuosi Regarding SEC Civil Complaint 



Dozzy Mmobuosi (“DM”)firmly rejects the validity of all accusations and allegations of wrongdoing as outlined in the civil complaint filed by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on December 18, 2023. This complaint implicates Mr. Mmobuosi alongside three other corporate entities.


Mr. Mmobuosi wishes to make it unequivocally clear that these allegations are baseless and he will contest them with unwavering resolve. As this matter is currently under legal scrutiny, and following the advice of legal counsel, Mr. Mmobuosi will refrain from making any further public statements regarding this issue.


It is Mr. Mmobuosi’s intention to address and resolve these allegations within the appropriate legal framework. He is committed to cooperating with the legal process to ensure a thorough and fair examination of the facts, which he believes will ultimately lead to his exoneration.


We appreciate the understanding of the media and the public during this time and request respect for the legal process and the principles of justice.


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