Elevate your culinary skills this festive season with these cooking shows on GOtv

Embark on a festive culinary journey with these handpicked selection of cooking shows designed to elevate your culinary skills and add a dash of flavour to your holiday celebrations. Explore vibrant and diverse recipes with the charming host Geena in Foodies and Spice, brace yourself for star-studded surprises on Tasty Cube Cooking Show, where celebrities showcase their culinary skills. Your festive meal is about to be off the chart.
Foodies and Spice: Foodies and Spice is Nigeria’s top food and travel program, featuring the engaging host Geena. The show explores a variety of local and international recipes, offering viewers a fun and enjoyable cooking experience. Join Geena on Africa Magic Family, GOtv Channel 7, for a unique blend of culinary adventures and delightful meals.
Tasty Cube Cooking Show: Tasty Cube Cooking Show is a captivating blend of star power, culinary creativity, and unexpected surprises for an entertaining cooking experience. This culinary show highlights celebrities as they showcase their cooking skills, tasked with preparing randomly selected meals to add an exciting twist to the challenge. Join the fun on Africa Magic Family, GOtv Channel 7, to witness these famous personalities create delicious dishes with unexpected twists.
Kitchen Boss: Kitchen BossĀ  is a delightful cooking show featuring renowned chef, Chef Valastro, where he shares his family’s Italian-American recipes. He skillfully prepares a diverse array of dishes, showcasing the delicious flavours and traditions of this cuisine. Joined by family and guests, Chef Valastro cooks up a storm in his welcoming kitchen, creating a show that blends tasty food, family bonds, and the joy of cooking. Catch it on Discovery TLC on GOtv Channel 42 .
Valerie’s Home cooking: Follows Valerie Bertinelli as she creates delicious home-cooked meals for her loved ones. In each episode, Valerie shares easy recipes for home-style preparations along with valuable culinary tips and tricks. Experience the warmth of home cooking on Real Time GOtv Channel 35 with Valerie Bertinelli.
Bakers vs Fakers: Bakers vs Fakers is a thrilling reality competition series that spices up your baking skills. The show brings together four contestants, a mix of home bakers and trained professionals, in a kitchen where their true identities are hidden. These bakers face two rounds of challenges, each featuring a surprise ingredient. After the first round, the contestant with the least impressive dessert is eliminated, and the remaining three compete in another round with a new secret ingredient. Judges determine the winner based on taste and presentation, and only then do contestants reveal their true identities. To enhance your baking skills, tune in to Real Time on GOtv Channel 35 for this thrilling and educational series.
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