In recognition of its unwavering commitment to public health, The Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH), proudly announces its recent achievement as the ‘Highest Testing Laboratory for Tuberculosis (TB) in Nigeria.’ This distinguished honour, awarded by Cepheid, an American Molecular Diagnostics Company, underscores the hospital’s tireless efforts and exceptional dedication in combating tuberculosis within the nation.

With an unyielding commitment to advancing healthcare and eradicating the spread of TB, LASUTH has consistently upheld the highest standards of diagnostic excellence and patient care. Through its state-of-the-art laboratory facilities and a team of experienced medical professionals, the hospital has emerged as a beacon of hope in the fight against tuberculosis.

The recognition as Nigeria’s leading TB testing laboratory is a testament to LASUTH’s continuous strides in promoting public health and achieving excellence in disease detection. The hospital has significantly contributed to the early diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis cases, thereby playing a pivotal role in controlling its prevalence across the country.

“We are immensely proud and honored to receive this prestigious award, which reaffirms our commitment to serving the community and addressing critical healthcare challenges. This recognition motivates us to persist in our mission to provide top-notch diagnostic services and combat tuberculosis effectively”, the Chief Medical Director, Prof. Adetokunbo o. Fabamwo, said.

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