DSWHUB Sensitizes Abule Iroko on Irregular Migration and Human Trafficking



…encourages women to make informed decisions on migration through ‘The Migrant Project’

 In a resolute effort to address the pressing issues of irregular migration and human trafficking in Nigeria, Denny Social Welfare Hub (DSWHUB), a non-profit social service organisation, sensitised the Abule Iroko Community on irregular migration and human trafficking with a community engagement event on Saturday. The event brought together community members, leaders, and stakeholders, shedding light on the often-overlooked challenges of irregular migration and human trafficking.

DSWHUB, known for its ongoing Information Empowerment Against Irregular Migration and Human Trafficking (iEMPATHY) Campaign as part of ‘The Migrant Project, took centre stage in delivering essential information to the Abule Iroko community, sensitising community members, especially women, about the risks associated with irregular migration, and informing them about safe migration options. The event’s thematic focus, “Amplifying Women’s Voices in Migration Decision-Making,” highlighted the pivotal role women play in shaping migration choices.

The Comptroller of MMIA Command, CIS AA Adesokan, represented by ACI Boniface Edet, underscored the need for informed decision-making. Addressing the women of Abule Iroko, Edet emphasised, “Women have the power to make things happen, and therefore, it is their responsibility to ask questions when it comes to travel. Ensure you are informed about job offers and opportunities, verify them, and have all the documents required before embarking on a journey outside the country to avoid human trafficking and irregular migration.”

The Oniroko of Iroko Land, His Royal Highness, Oba (ARC) Olusegun Ayinde Feyijinmi Iroko, shared insights during the event. “It is important for our community women to be informed about irregular migration; we know the reality. Don’t force your children to travel by comparing their status with others; informed choices are always the best,” he stated, emphasising the significance of community-led initiatives and the necessity for collective action.

Mrs. Abosede Otukpe, the Executive Director of DSWHUB, spoke passionately about the organisation’s commitment to empowering communities through informed dialogue. “With the situation in Nigeria, everybody wants to travel, but some are not well-informed. The iEMPATHY Campaign, a part of ‘The Migrant Project, is on a mission to help women amplify their voices in migration decision-making. We need to empower women in our community and Nigeria at large about the risk of irregular migration because they are the ones that suffer the most,” she remarked.

The event showcased the importance of community engagement through a series of engaging activities, including focused group discussions, which sparked meaningful conversations about the complexities surrounding irregular migration. Participants had the opportunity to share personal stories, learn from experts in the field, and explore ways to address the root causes of irregular migration. DSWHUB pledged to work closely with stakeholders to develop and implement initiatives fostering awareness, understanding, and informed decision-making, reflecting a proactive approach to tackling local challenges.

L-R: Iyalode of Iroko Land, Chief Mrs. Lawal Mariam; Executive Director, Denny Social Welfare Hub(DSWHUB), SW Abosede Otukpe; His royal highness, Oniroko Of Iroko Land,  Oba (Arc) Olusegun Feyijinmi; Olori of Iroko Land, Omolara Feyijnmi; and, Representative of Comptroller of NIS, MMIA Command; ACI Boniface Edet, during the Denny Social Welfare Hub (DSWHUB) iEMPATHY campaign a part of The Migration Project community engagement on irregular migration and human trafficking in Abule Iroko, Ogun State

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