Unlocking the Power of GOtv’s *288# Short Code


“GOtv’s *288# short code is a valuable tool that enhances convenience and accessibility when it comes to making instant payments, managing subscription packages, troubleshooting errors, accessing program information, and monitoring account balances, allowing GOtv users to enjoy a seamless and personalized viewing experience. Here are key things that GOtv’s *288# short code can help subscribers do to enhance their overall viewing experience.

1. Instant Subscription Payments:

With the *288# short code, GOtv subscribers can effortlessly pay for their subscriptions at any time and from anywhere. To use this service, dial *288# on mobile phones, follow the prompts to select the payment option, enter account details, and complete the transaction securely.

2. Manage Subscription Packages:

The GOtv *288# short code enables users to switch between different subscription packages effortlessly. You can review available packages and update your subscriptions accordingly. This feature empowers users to tailor their viewing experience according to their budget and content preferences.

3. Clear Error Codes and Troubleshoot:

Troubleshooting error codes or technical issues becomes a breeze thanks to the *288# short code. Users can access a menu of options specifically designed to resolve common issues, such as clearing error codes. Subscribers can navigate through the prompts and find the necessary solutions without any hassle.

4. Account Balance and Transaction History:

GOtv’s *288# short code allows users to check their account balance and view their transaction history instantly. By dialing the short code, subscribers can access their account information, review past payments, and ensure their subscriptions are up to date. This feature also allows users to access the price lock feature and enable automatic renewal.

GOtv’s *288# short code offers a range of self-service options that assist subscribers in managing their accounts and accessing relevant information effortlessly. From making instant payments and managing subscription packages to clearing error codes, checking account balances, and accessing program information, GOtv subscribers can unlock the power of this convenient tool to enhance their viewing experience.

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