FAYOSE Reacts After Seun Okinbaloye Asked Him To Explain How He Spent State Money When He Was Governor of Ekiti



Fayose emphasized his experience as a governor, having served two terms with a break in between. He implied that he was not financially dependent on his political position, contrasting himself with Seun, whom he referred to as a salary earner. Fayose defended his stance by suggesting that if anyone believed money had gone missing, they should pursue legal channels such as going to court or involving law enforcement agencies like the police or EFCC (Economic and Financial Crimes Commission). He regarded the question as an insult, insinuating that people should not be surprised if he had wealth and insinuating that the expectation that he should lack money was unreasonable.

During an interview on July 9, 2023, Ayo Fayose strongly criticized Seun Okinbaloye for questioning him about the utilization of state funds during his tenure as the governor of Ekiti State. Fayose dismissed the inquiry, asserting that he had accumulated wealth long before Seun became a presenter and therefore found the question irrelevant.

Fayose expressed his disdain for the question, referring to it as meaningless. He mentioned that he had already been charged in court, and anyone who doubted his actions could also take legal action against him. He questioned the necessity of explaining how he had spent state money, highlighting that he had never taken any loans as a governor. According to him, the people of Ekiti State still remember the positive contributions he made during his time as governor, and he was not motivated by a desire to impress anyone.

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