Bishop Oyedepo Recounts The ‘Stupid’ Thing God Told Him To Do



During the Encounter Night service on July 7, 2023, in Faith Tabernacle Ota, the Bishop of Living Faith Church (LFC), Bishop David Oyedepo, said, When we were dedicating the Covenant University, God told me to do something that sounded stupid.

He further stated, You must maintain a fervent prayer life; every spiritual gift feeds on the word; the word is the food of the spirit, so settle with the word as a lifestyle to keep nurturing and building those gifts in your life”.

According to him,” One day God told me to do something that sounds stupid when we were dedicating the Covenant University. We went for thanksgiving to God for the establishment of the Covenant University. When we were dedicating the University, He said to me, Hand the affairs of this place over to me, and I said, How do I do that? He said, Lay down flat on the road in front of the gate of the Covenant University, and I will take over your affairs, and I did as he asked, and Jesus took over.

“It was as if we were running a primary school when God took over; there was no stress or burden of any kind. Today, Covenant University is one of the best Universities in Nigeria and Africa. And in that same way, God will take away whatever is in me and pass it over to you”.

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