Celestians don’t be deceived by Pastors who secretly seek visions, healing in your church – Prophet Dr. Abidemi Bambe



… Admonishes Celestians to worship and serve God steadfastly as endtime is near

The Sheperd in charge, Ass/Ven/Most/Sup/Pro/Dr Abidemi Bambe of the great vineyard Celestial Church of Christ Irapada cathedral, calls out to Celestians world wide to appreciate what they have, as the grace God has giving to Celestial can’t be quantified

In his sermon on Sunday, “he stated that Celestians has allowed themselves be deceived by Churches that has no doctrines nor laws that guide them”.

“He also said the powerful names given to us when we want to pray, the 3 trinity that is Jehovah, Jesus Christ, Holy michael, we do not appreciate it rather we believe in pastors of churches that can’t differentiate between God the father and Jesus Christ the Son, churches where only the G.O is the Prophet”.

Prophet Bambe further spoke about the Glory we have as Celestians, but we the owner of the Glory are careless, hence we missed and lost it to pastors who secretly seek the way, face of God, visions, refuge, breakthroughs from your own Gods given heritage to direct you.

Furthermore, he urged Celestians to know the power in the songs in our hymn book , he affirms Celestial is a complete church where grace abounds beyond measure, all there is to do is know the God truly and Serve him with all your heart as the kingdom of God is near, hence he quoted some bible passages to buttress his point as regards the coming of Christ, Matthew 24 verse 3-37, Luke 21 verse 9-35, Ephesians 4 verse 29-30, 1st Corinthians 11 verse 26, John 14 verse 1-4 to mention but a few.

All in all Prophet Bambe urges Celetians to return to their root, as God told him in clear terms that Celestians should not be weary nor scared but serve him in spirit, in light and in truth for God’s covenant with the Church still stands however, we as Celestians should work together and keep raising the name of the Lord up.


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