An Iconic Pearl Of Our Time


By Akinwale Kasali

June 20th of every year will remain evergreen in the memory of the families of Late Sp. Apos. Pro. Dr. Solomon Olanrewaju Aiyegbusi, and Members of the Cherubim and Seraphim Movement Church, Amazing Grace District Headquarters, Alaguntan, Iyana Ipaja, Lagos.

Also, beneficiaries of the benevolence of the revered Man of God, through his philanthropic works, those who drank from his fountain of Spiritual knowledge, and those that he impacted both spiritually, physically, financially, morally, psychologically and otherwise will forever keep this date close to their heart.

Aiyegbusi, with the moniker, ‘Oyato’ bid the World farewell on June 20, 2020, in the peak of the Coronavirus Pandemic that ravaged the world, though, the pandemic wasn’t the cause of his death, as he passed on quietly in his sleep.

Three Years down the line, the Church he left behind has been waxing stronger, upholding his legacy and his mandate of evangelizing the gospel and winning souls for the Kingdom of God.

Though, there have been challenges faced by the Church few years after Aiyegbusi’s demise, but the Church has stood tall, surmounting all obstacles, and growing astronomically.

This further shows the sincerity, genuinity, spirituality, pedigree and truthfulness on which the Church was established.

Many Churches have gone into extinction months after its Founder had died, but reverse is the case of Cherubim and Seraphim Movement Church, Amazing Grace District Headquarters, as it has been able to withstand the test of time, and has not deviated from the vision of its Founder.

No doubt, the Late Aiyegbusi remains a phenomenon that has distinguished himself among its peers due to his distinctive personality that depicts uprightness, modesty, fairness, equity, trustworthiness, loyalty, discipline, tenacity and perseverance.

He remains an Icon and the Pearl of our time who should be emulated even in death by all those who see him as a Mentor, Father (Either Spiritually or Physically), Teacher etc.

Today isn’t for epistle, but a day to celebrate a Man whose legacy has outlived him and have continued to remain a force to reckon with years to come.

Continue to Rest In the Bosom of the Almighty…


Kasali Is Journalist and Social Commentator. He writes from Lagos

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