Airtel Nigeria Launches 5G, Partners Samsung to Provide Affordable 5G phones



Leading telecommunications service provider, Airtel Nigeria, has announced the launch of its 5G network in Nigeria in line with its commitment to providing innovative solutions that empower its customers to stay connected and do more beyond their imaginations. This was announced alongside Airtel’s partnership with Samsung to provide some of the most affordable 5G devices in the country.

With the launch of 5G, Airtel will be offering this cutting-edge technology, which promises to revolutionize the way Nigerians stay connected. The 5G network is expected to offer faster download and upload speeds, lower latency, and more reliable connectivity, providing Airtel customers with a seamless and enhanced digital experience.

Commenting on the launch, Airtel Nigeria CEO, Carl Cruz, said, “5G is a completely new experience that supercharges cloud computing, telemedicine, self-driving cars, cloud gaming, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (AR & VR), Internet of Things (IoT), Smart homes, and so much more. While we may think that 4G is a remarkable improvement on our internet experiences, 5G completely opens a new vista where anything and everything is possible. Right now, with 5G, we can only be limited by the limits of our imagination.”

Cruz also described a link between the 5G launch and the company’s current marketing campaign, A Reason to Imagine. 

If you go by our recently-launched brand theme – A Reason to Imagine – you will notice that it fits perfectly with this paradigm shift. With 5G, it is more achievable to empower creatives and entrepreneurs in tech, medicine, fashion, retail, communications, and media to bring executive more adventurous ideas. 5G ushers in a new era of collaboration that breaks boundaries and presents a new wave of economic benefits for this generation and the next, and we cannot wait to see how young people all over the country explore this new world of instant and unbroken connections to unleash a revolution in creativity,” he said.

Also speaking at the event, Chief Commercial Officer, Airtel Nigeria, Femi Oshinlaja, said, “5G is simple and not meant to be out of reach, which is why Airtel has come to democratize 5G, so that Nigerians can get the most affordable 5G routers. We are also glad to have partnered with Samsung to deliver the most affordable 5G mobile phone for 122,000 naira only.” 

According to Airtel, the Airtel 5G network is available in key cities across Nigeria, and Airtel will continue to expand its coverage to other parts of the country in the coming months.” 

Airtel has been at the forefront of providing innovative solutions to its customers in Nigeria since its inception. The launch of 5G is another milestone in telecom industry in Nigeria, as it will drive economic growth and innovation while providing faster and more reliable connectivity to Nigerians.


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