Father Sentenced To Life Imprisonment Thrice For Defiling Three Daughters



Justice Abiola So­ladoye of an Ikeja Sexual Offences and Domestic Violence Court on Tuesday sentenced a 45-year-old businessman, Emeka Orisakwe, to three life sentences for defiling his three underaged children.

The minors were aged eight, eight and six.

The trial judge convict­ed father, saying that the prosecution had proved beyond reasonable doubts the three-count charge bor­dering on sexual assault by penetration against the de­fendant.

Justice Soladoye held, “You are wicked and a patho­logical liar,” she said, adding that the defendant said his wife was mentally unstable in order to deny the offence.

”This is most bizarre and unfortunate,” she added.

She also berated the im­mediate younger sister of the defendant, who testified at the first defence witness, (DW1) for tendering a med­ical report concerning the mental state of the defen­dant’s wife which did not correlate with the timing of the incident.

The judge also said that DW1 evidence was unreli­able as it was a pack of lies tainted by deception after she had corrupted the minds of the survivors to lie before the court.

“The children were very honest but I observed the three children that came to testify and this court could see that their aunt, whom they stayed with after the incident, had been working on their brains to tell lies before this court.

“The children’s subse­quent denial in court after they made statements at Satellite Police Station that their father messed around their vaginas with his fin­gers is an after thought and very unfortunate.

“This court cannot be fooled. The DW1 is a liar and a wicked sister-in-law, whose evidence is self serv­ing to save her brother from drowning .

“The medical report on the mental state of the de­fendant’s wife which she ten­dered before this court was dated February 2, 2023 but the sexual incident occurred years back and in despera­tion, they went to cook up a medical report from Imo state that the defendant’s wife is mentally unstable,” she said.

The judge said that the at­tempts of DW1 and the defen­dant were to get through the back door when they could not get through the front door as the medical reports on the survivors revealed blunt forceful penetration.

“The medical reports which were carried out on the three children and ad­mitted into evidence before this court showed bruises on the inner surface, blunt and forceful penetration of the survivor’s vaginas .

“The medical examina­tion revealed that the three children suffered various degrees of bruises from the sexual assault perpetrated by their biological father.

“This corroborates the statement of the survivors at the police station and the evidence given by the second prosecution witness (PW2), an officer from a child advo­cacy agency that the broth­er of the survivors, told him that he once saw his father, fingering his sister,” the judge said.

She further said that the subsequent denial of the de­fendant was an after thought which did not hold waters.

Soladoye thereby con­victed the defendant of the 3-count charge and subse­quently sentenced him to life imprisonment on each of the counts.

She, however, held that the sentencing should run concurrently.

The judge also ordered that the convict should have his name registered in the sexual offences register as maintained by Lagos State.

The state Deputy Direc­tor of Department of Pub­lic Prosecution (DPP) , Mr Olusola Soneye, called sev­en prosecution witnesses through whom several doc­uments were tendered while the defendant and his sister testified for defence.

Soneye told the court that Orisakwe committed the of­fences between January and July 2021 at No.32 Ganiyat St., Monkey Village, Maza Maza, Lagos.

The prosecution submit­ted that the mother of the children found blood stains on the private part of one of them and she told her mother that her father had touched her “bombom”.

“Upon further ques­tioning, the mother called the other two children and they also confessed to her that their father had been assaulting them sexually whenever she was not at home,” he said.

According to the prosecu­tor, the offence contravenes the provisions of Section 261of the Criminal Laws of Lagos State, 2015.

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