How Pepsi thrilled Nigerians at the 2023 UCL Finale


To many Nigerian youths, Pepsi has been implanted in hearts beyond a soft drink brand. Through championing pop culture, which holds immense significance in the daily lives of the average Nigerian youth, Pepsi has established a profound brand connection that goes beyond refreshment.

With Burna Boy’s performance at the UEFA Champions League final alongside PepsiKickOff Show winner, Boliphy (Adekoya Bolanle Hannah), Pepsi once again projected Nigeria and Afrobeats on a global stage, while giving a lifetime opportunity to the winner -Boliphy.

Here is a look at how Pepsi thrilled Nigerians at the UCL finale.

Burna Boy’s UCL performance: The UEFA Champions League final stands as the pinnacle of football events, drawing the highest viewership worldwide. On average, a UEFA Champions League final garners an astonishing 400 million viewers globally. For the first time ever, a Nigerian artiste performed at the opening ceremony of the global showpiece, courtesy of Pepsi Burna Boy thrilled global audience with an electrifying medley performance of his global hits, ‘Last Last’ and ‘It’s Plenty’. This, surely, is a big feather to the cap of the ‘African Giant’.

Burna Boy was not the only Nigerian on the UCL global stage. PepsiKickOffShow winner @boliphy also had a memorable experience. The dancer, on an all-expense-paid trip to Istanbul courtesy of Pepsi, shared the global stage with Burna Boy, in a major Afrobeats milestone for Nigeria. For @boliphy, the experience will remain evergreen.

Pepsi Goalfest is a yearly event that brings football fans together, in a carnival-like atmosphere to enjoy the UEFA Champions final. The 2023 edition was special, as it featured the live viewing of Pepsi Ambassador, Burna Boy’s epic performance at the UCL final. Pepsi ensured that over 5000 Lagos fans shared the Confam Goalfest experience, with additional live performances by Afrobeats artiste, Zlantan, renowned OAP, Shody and Dotun ‘The Energy Gad’, award-winning DJ Xclusive, and in company of Super Eagles legends, Mikel Obi and Victor Ikpeba.

Once again, Pepsi was at the center of the event with a diverse range of captivating activities, the occasion ensured that the crowd remained thoroughly entertained in the build-up to the match. Various competitions, including dance battles, freestyle football commentary sessions, and an array of exhilarating games, held the audience in rapt attention. Not only did these competitions ignite the atmosphere, they also presented participants with an opportunity to win prizes, including cash prizes and gift items, adding an extra layer of excitement to an already thrilling event.

With Burna Boy’s UCL final performance, Bolophy’s step into the big stage, and the Goalfest experience in Lagos, Pepsi continues to solidify its position as Naija’s most preferred cola brand leading pop culture and championing experiences for Nigerian youths.

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