No Man’s Land: Agbekoya Laud Moves By Lagos Lawmaker To Protect Indigenes



Agbekoya Society, a parental body of Agbekoya Farmers Association of Nigeria has commended the Speaker of the Lagos State House of Assembly, Hon Mudashiru Obasa for proposing to make laws that will protect the property rights of indigenes.

Obasa had in his acceptance speech noted that Lagos is Yoruba Land, and its lawmakers will enact laws to protect the indigenes even if it means reversing the existing laws.

Reacting to the development, Agbekoya Society in a statement signed by its Secretary General, Otunba Dr. Adegbenro Ogunlana, noted that there is no place on earth where self-preservation is regarded as bigotry.

He explained that Self-preservation is the first law of nature; even primitive animals practice self-preservation and talk less of human beings by extension the great Yoruba people.

The group who made a call for Inter-ethnic harmony explained that the core Northern states made state laws to enshrine Sharia law into their constitution to protect and reflect the will of the indigenous people in those places, as such Nigerians should not mistake the Speaker’s proposal for disunity.

Agbekoya further said that ethnic profiling and its consequences will threaten the existence of the inter ethnicity harmony because it is a game of deafness, the deliberate deafness of one to the concerns and anxieties of the other.

“In the last elections, non-Yoruba citizens were physically prevented from voting in some parts of Lagos. The subtext is that they gave tacit approval to voter suppression in the state. Which is unfortunate.”

In other to avert a similar situation, the group urged other state Assembly speakers in the Southwest region to emulate Obasa and makes law to protect the interest of the indigenes not to be abused by the winged monster who rides on the wave crest of base sentiments, fuelled by hate speeches given free rein by the powers that be.

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