Woman Nabbed for Improper Waste Disposal



…sentenced to 144 hours of community service

In a stern reminder of the importance of responsible waste management, a
woman has been apprehended by the Lagos Waste Management Authority
(LAWMA) enforcement team, for illegally emptying her waste bin into a
drainage channel.

The arrested woman, Rukayat Oderinde of number 17, Hassan Ogumola
Street, Ahamadiyya, Lagos, was caught red-handed on camera while she was
disposing of her household waste directly into the drainage channel, an
act strictly prohibited under existing waste management regulations in
the state, as they posed serious threats to the overall cleanliness and
functionality of the drainage system.

Responding to this, the Managing Director/CEO of LAWMA, Mr. Ibrahim
Odumboni, said that improper waste disposal, particularly through
drainage channels, could lead to clogged drains, which in turn caused
flooding during heavy rains, adding that this not only disrupted daily
life but also jeopardised the safety and health of the community.

“Blockages in drainage channels can result in stagnant water, becoming
breeding grounds for disease-carrying mosquitoes and other harmful
pests. I commend the LAWMA enforcement team who wasted no time in
apprehending the woman. This emphasises our commitment to maintaining a
clean and healthy environment for all residents.

The woman was arrested and sentenced to 144 hours of community service
by the court, for violating waste management regulations. This incident
serves as a stark reminder to residents that improper waste disposal
will not be tolerated and will be met with strict enforcement”, he said.

The environmental offender is expected to commence her 8-hours per day
community service from Ahmadiyya to Salolo route, for the next 18 days,
cleaning the environment.

Odumboni reminded residents about the need to engage proper methods of
waste disposal and the potential consequences of non-compliance, urging
them to use designated waste bins and containers for their household

He implored the populace to patronise assigned PSP operators whose duty
is to ensure seamless disposal of waste generated by tenements, adding
that residents should call LAWMA toll-free numbers 07080601020 and 617,
for any environmental infractions observed in their area.

Kadiri Folashade (Mrs.)
Director, Public Affairs

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