Ayomipe Jatto succeeds Mko Abiola to become the 15th Bashorun of Yoruba Land



Business merchant, Politician, seer and Aristocrat Ayomipe Jatto set to become the Youngest Bashorun in the history of Yoruba Land.

Ayomipe Jatto who’s a Freedom Fighter and a Political figure got the Chieftaincy title “Bashorun” Who’s a Yoruba Generalissimo

After completing all spiritual Rights done by OBA lekan balogun Olubadan of Ibadan Land the great seer becomes the 15th Bashorun of Yoruba land after succeeding Bashorun Mko Abiola who was the 14th Bashorun of Yoruba Land

Jatto said he will continue to defend the interest of the Yorubas fearlessly and Nigeria as a whole, using his position as the Bashorun of Yoruba Land.

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