Kate Henshaw finally unveils daughter, Gabrielle




After keeping her daughter’s identity secret for over two decades, Nollywood star Kate Henshaw, on Monday afternoon, shared a rare photo of both of them.

Unlike her colleague, Genevieve Nnaji, who has managed to keep her only child Theodora away from the public’s prying eyes, Henshaw’s move has earned her admiration.

Gabrielle, 23, is the product of a marriage between Henshaw and her former husband, Roderick James Nuttal.

Henshaw and Mr Nuttal tied the knot in 1999, while their daughter was welcomed the following year.

It came as a pleasant shock to the fans of the actress when she posted a photograph of herself and the young Gabrielle on Instagram on Monday.

Not much is known about her daughter, though some say she lives in the UK, where her father is based.

In 2011, to the dismay of her fans, Henshaw announced that they were getting divorced, although she didn’t give reasons.

Since her divorce, Henshaw has not been known to be romantically linked to anyone, at least not publicly.

Besides having a Nubian tone while her daughter has light skin, many Instagram users opined that their resemblance was uncanny.

Although Henshaw, a fitness buff, did not say why she celebrated Gabrielle, she described herself as a proud mum.

“So proud of you, dearie. May your light keep shining brighter and brighter,” she wrote on her Instagram page with over two million followers.



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