I begged Shepherd Aso to flee from mob attack, says wife


Funmilayo, the wife of Lagos popular Celestial Church of God (CCC) priest, Shepherd Aso James, has said she advised her husband to run away from the mob that beat him to pulp at the weekend.

She said he refused the advice stating it would give a wrong impression of him, believing the Holy Spirit will touch the hearts of his attackers.

An angry mob of Hausa urchins protesting the death of a labourer Dogo attacked the cleric, who is said to between life and death after the incident.

Dogo was said to have died in a soakaway while trying to clear it in a branch of CCC Overcomers Parish Ajah in Lagos.
The Assistant Shepherd-In-Charge of the branch, who fell into the soakaway while trying to rescue the labourer, is also said to be in a critical condition.
The mob looted the church and razed it before marching to the residence of the Secretary of the branch where Aso and a few church members were hiding.

Narrating what transpired when the mob arrived, Funmilayo, who was in the residence with some members, said: “Immediately, we heard they were coming to the secretary’s house where we hid, I told him to let us flee to avoid any attack but he refused.

“He told me and the other members to run for our lives and allowed him to meet the angry Hausa boys and speak the language to them if that could down the tension.

“I was begging him to run but Aso believed it was not right for him to do that as a leader and that is why he’s facing these unbearable consequences,” Funmilayo Aso said on phone.

She said Dogo was a known face in the church as a labourer, stating her husband had been of immense assistance to his family.

The mob macheted Aso and stripped him naked as seen in a video, accusing him of using Dogo for rituals.

Assistant Shepherd of the Parish, Senior Evangelist Ayotunde Oladipupo and the Shepherd of the church are in critical conditions in a Lagos hospital.


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