I am not arrested nor in hiding over any issue: Chairman of Topaz Gardens Adebare speaks out

Murphy Adebare, the chairman of Topaz Gardens popularly known as Topaz, has rubbished reports that he was apprehended by the Nigeria Police Force after three months of evading arrest.
Some online platforms had reported that a police source in Lagos, who asked not to be named revealed that Adebare will be taken to court on Wednesday over charges of land grabbing, fraud, forgery and criminal trespass.
The report added that Adebare was arrested after an extensive investigation into allegations made by Eyin Osa Committee established by the Lagos State Government to manage land acquired for the Lekki Free Trade Project.
The committee allegedly accused Adebare of using government-acquisition land or land already allocated to others to defraud unsuspecting buyers through his company, Topaz Gardens.
Reacting to the reports, Adebare who spoke with journalists on Wednesday, noted that it was painful that some news platforms could published report based on “an imaginary police source in Lagos who asked not to be named.”
Adebare said he was not arrested and was never in hiding over any land issue.
The Topaz Gardens CEO said: “It came as a shock to me after I read some reports on social media and fake news platforms that I was arrested over land meant for Lekki Free Trade project.
“The shameful thing was that the report was based on an imaginary police source. I can tell you for fact that it is fake news. I am speaking to you from my comfort zone. I was never arrested nor dragged to court. All a particular committee did was to gather fake news operators to spread lies in order to malign my reputation.
“For the sake of due process, I have contacted my lawyers. A statement will be issued soon to clear the fake news.
“I am a man of integrity and the truth shall prevail.”

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