10 Contestants Lock Horns in the Bigi Sponsored Nigerian Idol to Beat the Knock-Out Stage




The top Ten (10) contestants, obviously, came ready to battle and win not just the approval of the judges but the love and votes of the audience as the Live Show edition of the ongoing Bigi-powered Nigerian Idol Season 8, kicked off.

Coming up on stage one after the other, the contestants definitely gave their best shots to evade being sent away in the knockout stage, even as it became harder for the judges to pick a fave. Victory Gbakara who was the first to perform, told the audience that he came to the show ready, confident, and determined to bring it all.

Serenading the judges and audience with Alicia Keys ‘Fallin’, the youngster gave a thrilling performance of the 2001 song by the American singer, instantly earning him the love of the audience. Simi also revealed during the show that she would be on tour with Alicia Keys in a few months, and hearing Victory perform the song blew her away. Dbanj described Victory as having a brilliant voice. As for Victory, he explained that he had always known he would be a singer and wants to win so badly.

Up next on the stage of Nigeria’s most anticipated music reality TV show sponsored by Naija’s favorite range of carbonated beverages, Bigi drinks, was Savy Henry who gave a soulful performance of John Legend’s “You and I”.

Reigny who blew the judges away with her performance of Keisha Cole’s Heaven Sent, came with the attitude to win. After her performance, one of the judges, Simi, an Afrobeat singer told an emotional Reigny that she (Simi) was the least convinced about her ability to do well in the show going into the top 10, but the contestant has proven to her that she has every right to be there.

Reigny whose favorite Bigi variant is Tropical, thanked Rite Foods Limited, for sponsoring such a life-changing event. According to her, “The hospitality, huge support, and love from Bigi drinks have been massive and thrilling”. The contestant added also that she “has been loving the reception from Bigi so far”.

Throwing and validating its weight behind the reality music show, Rite Food Limited, the carbonated soft drink maker has promised to energize all the contestants throughout the competition with its award-winning Bigi brand consisting of 13 unique variants, as well as connect with its consumers at every moment during the show.

Chisom did not disappoint with Usher’s “You got it bad”, performing it like it is his own. He definitely got it with the voice and swag and the audience was truly impressed. Judging his performance, Simi said she “really enjoyed it with a lot of Michael Jackson moves. Lost his way at the beginning but found his way”.

Goodness, who sang Beyonce’s Halo, not only sang but entertained and the crowd couldn’t stop cheering. Arbitrating her performance, Asika said that he found the power of her voice during the audition and that she sang a hard song easily.

Abraham performed Michael Bolton’s “Go the Distance”, and he was a perfect example of “Don’t judge the book by the cover”. According to Dbanj, when the contestant opened up, “You showed us what you can do with your voice.” Even Asika was impressed with Abraham’s vocal power. In his word “He took it home and made the audience believe him.”

Ose Daniel came to the audience with Adele’s “Make you feel my love” and Obi Asika specifically described his voice as sounding like sugar. To the judge, Daniel held everyone’s attention and did very well. Simi also pointed to the fact that she did her first dance to the song on her wedding day and that Ose sang it beautifully. For Dbanj, the contestant sounded very passionate and more like hot chocolate as opposed to Asika’s sugar.

Quest who thrilled and mesmerized the audience with her performance of Celine Dion’s ‘It’s All Coming Back to Me”, had not just her fans but the judges especially Dbanj gushing about the power of her voice. However, the judges didn’t forget to advise her not to rush but learn to relax in her songs.

Precious Mac who comes from a family of singers obviously came to the show to do her family proud. Although she says coming from a family of singers sometimes puts her under pressure, she stated that she is determined to succeed.

18-year-old Constance who is the youngest among the contestants was also the last to perform on the show. The young diva despite choosing a song not popular among her peers did justice to it regardless. Her rendition of Adele’s “All I ask by Adele”, again proved the saying right that age is only a number, giving the evening a perfect wrap.

The contestants who survive the knockout stage will continue the battle on the live show powered by the Bigi Carbonated Soft drink brand of Rite Foods, which would continue to be aired on DStv Channel 197 and GOtv Channel 11 (Magic Showcase).



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