Peter Obi: Tinubu’s Inauguration Will Strengthen Me



Peter Obi, Presidential Candidate of Labour Party, has said the inauguration of President-elect Bola Tinubu, will strengthen him.

Daily Trust reports that Tinubu, who won the February 25, 2023 elections, will be sworn in as Commander-in-Chief and 16th President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, on Monday.

Preparations for the event are in top gear, with security arrangements fully in place.

Dignitaries, including the delegation of US President Joe Biden, have arrived Nigeria’s capital city, for the August occasion, which will take place at Eagle Square.

Responding to a question related to the inauguration in an ongoing Twitter Spaces, Obi said he would not back down in the fight to secure “his mandate”.

“I didn’t start this journey in a single day; I knew it’s not going to be easy. The inauguration will strengthen me.”

“I know how dampened you are that your effort did not come the  way you wished. We are in a battle with an entrenched establishment. We are in a long battle. Even me, I know that the journey ahead is tough; they will make allegations, blackmail and all sorts of things, but I am ready.

“I thank you for your sacrifice and I ask that you do not feel dampened. Thanks for the sacrifice; thanks for being part of tis greatness.

“Please as we go through this pain, let us stay together. Let us do the right thing. Nobody can claim to be a saint, I am not. I could have done something unknowingly in the past. “I plead that you stay focused. This is about transformation which takes time.”

Obi also asked his supporters not to stop praying for the country.

A contributor had said some supporters of Obi better known as Obidients were discouraged by the outcome of the election.

She said some of them felt that once Tinubu is sworn, the struggle would be over.


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