We Will Erase Developmental Tragedies To Attain A Better Edo, Idumonza Isidahomhen Assures Children On Children’s Day

Idumonza Isidahomhen, an aspirant in the Edo 2024 governorship contest has congratulated children worldwide on the occasion of the 2023  Children’s  Day celebrations.
The good will message by Idumonza was conveyed  in a statement signed by his media aide, Ordia Omondiagbe early Saturday in Benin, Edo State.
In the statement, Idumonza noted that children are precious gifts from God  who must be recognized, honoured, nurtured, celebrated and appreciated through  diligent and unbiased provisions of their needs.
“You are precious gifts from God. We own you  basic quality of life,” the statement said.
 Idumonza explained that  the catalyst of his administration, to be  peopled by men, youth and women  of impeccable characters,  is to  upturn the tragedies of pains inflicted on the State by PDP’s and APC’s maladministrations adding that he would achieve that  through economic road map that will make Edo the unassailable economic “Heartbeat of Nigeria.
The statement further disclosed that in the months ahead, the Idumonza Isidahomhen Welfare Foundation, IIWF,  which has a large chunk dedicated to children, will roll out segmented supports as a demonstration of its  commitment to a better future for  children.
“On a day like this, we celebrate with our children worldwide. We are conscious of our obligations to you. We recognize the fundamental human dignity of all children and the urgency to attend to their well-being and development. We will do everything, through God’s grace, to meet those obligations for your  better future,” Idumonza  promised.
 Among other challenges bedeviling the State, Idumonza however,   lamented the deplorable state of the road to Auchi, Edo North from Benin saying it is a clear evidence of how the State has descended into the lowest  depth of infamy.
“Travellers go through hell to access Auchi from Benin. That  is not a good way to reward voters. Things have never been that bad on that stretch. Our children as well as adults must be saved from that agony,” he stated.

Ordia Omondiagbe

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