Why corporal was arrested after opting to resign – Lagos police



By Oluyemi Ogunseyin

The Lagos State Police spokesman, Benjamin Hundeyin, on  Thursday disclosed why the force has denied the resignation of a female officer, Corporal Fauzziyah Ebunoluwa Isiak.

“I never saw this coming. I have never thought I would be put in detention without interrogation. All I did was try to resign,” Isiak tweeted.

“I have been trying to resign from the police since last year but my letters were not approved.

“My boss had called me to show up yesterday, 24th of May to meet the deputy commissioner for an interview.

“I thought they were finally going to approve my resignation, but the only words I heard was that I should be detained to be tried and dismissed.”

Hundeyin therafter responded to Isiak’s tweet with the Lagos State Police spokesman explaining why the force has denied her resignation.

“It is one thing to turn in your resignation. It is another thing for the application to be processed upon which you receive your discharge certificate,” he stated.

Hundeyin further explained that till a police officer gets the discharge certificate, he or she remains a serving member of the force bound by all extant rules and regulations of service.

The police spokesman while setting the records straight also claimed that Isiak was actually detained and tried for absconding from duty.

According to him, absence from duty for twenty-one days without leave or permission automatically results in an officer being declared a deserter which is something every serving member of the police force knows.

“Corporal Fauzziyah Isiak who serves in the office of the Imam of the Command without leave, permission or discharge from service absconded from duty for over a month, in flagrant disregard for the conditions of service she willingly signed to,” Hundeyin added.

“For this offence against discipline, she was detained yesterday for the commencement of her orderly room trial today.”

Hundeyin also accused her of maliciously bringing the name of the Force into disrepute by “misrepresenting facts, a discreditable conduct that amounts to another disciplinary offence.

“Nevertheless, she would have an opportunity to explain herself at the trial, after which a decision will be made.”

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