What to look out for on Nigerian Idol this weekend



Week five of Nigerian Idol Season 8 will air this weekend with the last phase of theatre week. A total of 136 contestants received golden tickets for the theatre week, but 107 have since been evicted from the show. The remaining 29 contestants are set to battle for limited slots on the live show this Sunday. Here are what to expect in the last theatre week:

The top 10:  The audition and theatre weeks are a prelude to the live show where the real contestants take centre stage. The top ten for this season will emerge this Sunday from the remaining 29 contestants. The pretenders will finally be separated from the contenders for the real showdown starting May 28. The top ten contestants in season seven were top quality, watch out for another set of top talents that will emerge this season.

Solo performances: The duet stage is over, and we are back to solo displays. The 29 contestants will take turns on the stage for individual displays to convince the judges and lay claim to a slot in the top ten. No second chance at this stage. Expect to see some spectacular performances on the night.

The Judges: everyone who followed the theatre weeks will observe the stern nature of the judges, which was a sharp contrast to the jovial aura of the audition weeks. Expect the judges to be blunt, strict, and precise in their judgment in the quest to deliver top talents for the live show.

Pick your favourite: Who watches Nigerian Idol and doesn’t pick a favourite? Some start the journey with their favourite contestants from the audion weeks, while some wait for the live show to begin. If you are yet to pick a side on the show, this Sunday will provide you with another opportunity to choose from the top ten that will emerge.

To watch the new music talents as they unravel, tune in to Nigerian Idol this Sunday on Africa Magic Showcase, Africa Magic Urban, and Africa Magic Family at 7 pm. Enjoy every moment of Nigerian Idol and other premium content by staying connected to your DStv or GOtv. Download the MyDStv or MyGOtv app to reconnect, stay connected, and upgrade your subscription, or dial *288# for self-service options, fix error codes, and subscribe.

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