Black Pelican Group celebrates 20 years anniversary with 20km ride



L-R: Mrs. Temitope George; Cycology Captain, Mrs. Adetola Owolabi; ED/COO Black Pelican Group, Tijani Quawam and Isiaka Mohammed Ibrahim; Cycology members, Mr. Michael Owolabi; MD/CEO Black Pelican Group and Mr. Olukunle Osunkunle; Vice Captain Internal rides during the 20km ride in collaboration with Cycology to commemorate Black pelican Group’s 20th anniversary



As part of its 20th-anniversary celebrations, Black Pelican Group; Nigeria’s leading total interior solutions provider, partnered with Cycology, a cycling club promoting healthy lifestyles and social development, to organize a 20km ride on the 6th of July 2024.

The ride started at The Ebenezer House, Lagos office, and saw participants cycling through the district’s vibrant streets, culminating in a celebratory gathering. This event marked a significant milestone in the company’s 20-year journey, demonstrating its commitment to wellness and innovation.

Mr. Michael Owolabi, Managing Director of Black Pelican Group, emphasised the importance of maintaining fitness and promoting a healthy lifestyle. “As we celebrate this milestone, we reaffirm our commitment to wellness and our dedication to providing fitness and wellness solutions. Our exclusive partnership with Technogym and our collaboration with Cycology reinforce our dedication to providing world-class fitness solutions and promoting a culture of wellness in Nigeria.”

Captain of Cycology, Mrs. Temitope George added, “We are proud to partner with Black Pelican Group in promoting a healthy lifestyle. This 20km ride symbolises our shared commitment to wellness and community building.”

Black Pelican Group’s subsidiary, BPL Wellness, has been instrumental in bringing world-class fitness and wellness solutions to Nigeria through its exclusive distribution partnership with Technogym. This collaboration has enabled the company to deliver top-notch fitness and wellness spaces, catering to the growing demand for healthy living and wellness in the country.

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