Africa Magic’s newest game show is set to premiere today the October 22, 2023, at 7.00 pm on Africa Magic Family (DStv Ch 154 and GOtv Ch 7 ) and you can rest assured you are in for an amazing time. There are many aspects that make the Indomie Love Bowl  show unique, and we have taken the time to highlight why you should tune in to watch the show.

You get to experience top-notch entertainment while learning new mouth-watering recipes. On the Indomie Love Bowl game show, you won’t just watch contestants battle it out; you’ll also discover mouth-watering new Indomie recipes. From creative Indomie dishes to secret family recipes, the Indomie Love Bowl game show will leave you drooling and ready to experiment in the kitchen.

The Indomie Love Bowl is not just about winning prizes. It’s about families coming together, laughing, and enjoying quality time. In a world where everyone seems to be busy around the clock, the Indomie Love Bowl Game Show is your ticket to family fun. There will be many “aww” moments, so make sure you tune in to watch as contestants bond and create memories that will last a lifetime while you pick up ideas on how to spice up family time.

The tasks on the show are also unique. The challenges on this show are as thrilling as a roller-coaster ride with a few surprise twists and turns. We promise that the various tasks will keep you on the edge of your seat, cheering for your favorite teams as they tackle unexpected obstacles.

The Indomie Love Bowl game show is exclusive to Africa Magic, the undisputed heavyweight champion when it comes to original and indigenous content. Tune in to Africa Magic Family at 7.00 pm (DStv Ch 154 and GOtv Ch 7 ). There will also be a re-run on Sunday the 29th of October on Africa Magic Urban (DStv Ch 153 & GOtv Ch 8) at 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm and also on Africa Magic Showcase (DStv Ch. 151 & GOtv Supa+ ch.12) at 6.00 pm – 7:00 pm.  We can assure you won’t find this level of excitement and entertainment anywhere else!

If you haven’t already, consider upgrading to GOtv Supa+ at N10,500 for open window access to Africa Magic Showcase to enjoy shows such as Slum King, Love and Light, Refuge, Chronicles, Masquerade of Aneido, and more. Download the MyGOtvApp or dial *288# to reconnect or upgrade your subscription.

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