I Did Not Toast Mide, She Had A Boyfriend, But we Got To Love Each Other Through Acting- Afeez Owo




Actress Biola Bayo and Yoruba movie star Afeez Owo recently addressed ongoing speculations surrounding his relationship with his wife on the Talk to B program. During the interview, the actor openly acknowledged that he didn’t pursue his now-wife Mide romantically when they first crossed paths. Contrary to rumors, their connection didn’t involve any attempt to woo her, especially since she was already in a relationship. Instead, their bond developed organically while they collaborated as fellow actors on various film projects.

Reflecting on their initial encounter, Afeez Owo disclosed that he, too, was involved with someone else at the time. He admitted that if Mide hadn’t experienced problems in her own relationship, their journey together might have taken a different course. Interestingly, he revealed an intriguing detail about their connection: Mide’s mother played a pivotal role in his career in the film industry. In fact, she was his boss and had offered him his very first role in a movie in the early stages of his career.

In his own words, Afeez Owo clarified, “I didn’t pursue a romantic relationship with Mide, given that she was already in a relationship herself. Instead, our love blossomed naturally through our shared passion for acting. Additionally, I was also committed to another relationship when we first met, and it was the challenges she faced with her ex-boyfriend that eventually paved the way for us. Notably, Mide’s mother, who was a significant figure in my early film career, was instrumental in kickstarting my journey in the movie industry.”

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