Actor Uche Maduagwu dares Jim Iyke after beating



Days after a video surfaced online showing actor, Uche Maduagwu, receiving a beating in the hands of his colleague, Jim Iyke, for trolling him on the internet, the actor has once again taken to his verified Instagram account to troll Jim Iyke.

Jim Iyke went to Maduagwu’s office to beat him up because the latter questioned his source of wealth and tagged him as a ritualist in a viral video.

Jim Iyke, who recently produced a movie — Bad Comment — which borders on internet trolling, used Maduagwu as a scapegoat.

Apparently, Jim Iyke’s action didn’t go well with his colleague who went to lay wait for him at a cinema.

In an Instagram post, Maduagwu, once again, queried Jim Iyke’s source of wealth as he questioned how he could afford a movie that cost about N100m.

In the caption section of the video, Maduagwu wrote, “I was at the cinema because dem talk say you go come there today but Jim run when he hear say Uche dey around. Person spend 100 million naira for one movie; what is the job he dey do.” (sic)

The actor, while daring Jim Iyke, again, said, “You come my office, you come beat me up. I am here, check me out. I am here, I am here. They told me that you were going to be here Jim Iyke. This film cost N100m; N100m nah in you take do this film. Where you get your money? How did you get the money?

“N100m to promote this movie. That is a high budget movie. Where you get your money? Jim Iyke what are you doing? Just don’t worry, EFCC is coming to carry you. N100m for a movie in Nigeria where money no dey. Where did you see the money from? You come beat me? Sebi you fit fight taekwando? We go meet again, Jim Iyke, we go meet again. Y

“You wan beat me? You wan beat me? Okay round two dey come. N100m, how you take make your money? Una dey go watch hin movie, una know how e take make hin money?” (sic).

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