Brewing Crisis In Stallion Group, As Workers Goes On Strike Over Lack Of Benefits, Poor Renumeration Of Staffs, Non Remittance Of Pension



There is palpable tension in the Automobile department of Stallion Group of Companies, a conglomerate, as the workers as embarked on strike.

The reason for this action is not far fetched. This is as a result of the failure of the company to give its workers a conducive and enabling working environment, lack of benefits, Non Remittance of Pension for the past Six months, Poor Healthcare Facilities (HMO) and the Non payment of their 13th month salary since 2015.

The affected workers who are embittered about the maltreatment they are going through in the company, said they had to keep mute till this moment because of fear of been sacked and victimized, due to absence of job security.

Unemployment have been a menace in the country, in which jobs are scarce and rare to find, leaving the workers with no choice than to adapt and endure the excruciating pains of denial of payment for jobs done.
According to the workers who claim anonymity , “Since 2015, we haven’t been paid our 13th Month Salary. Since January, our pension money have not remitted into our accounts till this present day.

“The workshop staffs in the Automobile department have gone on strike over this issue. The benefits we are entitled to have not been given to us. We are denied of every rights and privileges 

“Our well-being is secondary to the company. When we were employed, there were lot of promises made to all the staffs as regards welfare but till date we are yet to enjoy the dividends of working with Stallion Group of Companies”.

At the Gbagada Office, there are placards placed at the entrance with different inscription bothering on poor welfare, poor medical facilities, non payment of pension, poor remuneration and other issues.

The images was also displayed on Nissan Social Media handle of the Company.

In getting the reaction of the company as regards the ongoing crisis, call was pull through to the Human Resource Manager of the Company, Sunday Idoro, who said he is not in the position to comment on the issue.

A call was also pull through the Manager, Alhaji Tajudeen Olalere, to get his reaction and the position of the Company as regards the allegation, but he did not pick his call.

A message was sent to him to respond, but he also failed to reply.

“Good morning Sir, I am Akinwale Kasali, a journalist, working with The Source. I called you earlier in respect of the crisis brewing in the Automobile Department of Stallion Group leading to the workers embarking on strike over allegation bothering on Lack of benefits, poor remuneration, non remittances of pension for over six months and other issues, but you did not pick your call. Will like to hear your view on this issue before going to press”.

As at the time of filing this report, they Comapny failed to respond.

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