Many mistakes of Seyi Makinde’s in Two Years of Office



The rains this year do not appear to be letting up. The threat of flood in many Nigerian areas is chasing snakes and rats out of their holes. Interestingly, this is the case in Oyo State based on reports that can only be described as heart-rending and a cause for alarm since it has severe implications for the government of Governor Seyi Makinde and the lives of his Oyo people. 

According to the report, Makinde has played the role of an inconsiderate taskmaster and village chief to every jot and tittle. This pertains to the issue of the Ibadan Flood Management Project (IUFMP) which was supposed to help alleviate the incidence and effects of flood in Ibadan and Oyo State.

IUFMP, a project funded by World Bank, was established during the era of the past Oyo Governor, the late Senator Abiola Ajimobi. Before the tenure ran out, Ajimobi’s government reportedly completed 25% of the deal, identifying areas of high flood risk and preparing/protecting residents with regards to these risks, as well as overseeing the dispensation of the project funds.

As Ajimobi’s government could not continue past its due date, Makinde’s government took up the project and allegedly made a mess of everything. According to the report, the first step that Makinde and his team took towards the completion of the project was the inflation of the project cost. Next, they allegedly changed the names of the recommended contractors, filling up the list with Makinde’s people.

Although World Bank has reportedly been notified regarding these changes, Makinde’s government has allegedly remained adamant in the face of these reports, insisting on having their own way and essentially risking the lives of the common people over a morsel of bread.

So as the rains continue to fall, the erratic hearts of the people in areas that have been flooded before can be heard above the pitter-patter. Unless something is done, it is almost certain that lives and properties will be lost.

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