How Maureen Badejo Lied About Winning N500 Million Case Against MFM


When I think about this woman, one scripture comes to mind, and that is psalm 2 verse 1, and pardon me to refresh your memories a bit “why do the heathen rage and the people imagine a vain thing?” this lady is so vain and full of lies that she talks to her followers with all deceivableness of unrighteousness.

That on its own is witchcraft, because all she does is tell lies and manipulate the populace with her stories knowing full well the truth.

I was not surprised when I saw the show she dedicated to the latest happening of the on-going court case between her and MFM on the 2nd of August 2021 to celebrating what she titled “UK COURT SET ASIDE N500 MILLION DAMAGES ENTERED AGAINST MAUREEN BADEJO BY MFM”.

I was dazed and confused at first, not until we decided to investigate to find out the truth as usual, oh my God, from our findings, I realised that this woman is a farce! oh my, what a display of crass ignorance.
Typically, Sahara Reporters –  her consort in defamation took up the gauntlet and turned the truth on its head by reporting  that “a United Kingdom High Court of Justice, Strand, London, (Queen’s Bench Division) has set aside the judgment received by the General Overseer of the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries, Dr Daniel Olukoya, in a case against a Nigerian blogger, Maureen Badejo, over alleged defamation. According to the court order obtained by SaharaReporters, the UK judge in his judgment set aside the March 30, 2021, judgment by a High Court of Justice in Ogun State of Nigeria in proceedings numbered AB/407/2020 obtained by Olukoya”

I would have let this pass and treated it with silence so that she can fully display her stupidity and ignorance, since the truth will soon be unveiled but for the benefit of the discerning public and even Maureen’s blind and misinformed followers, it is pertinent to make this clarification: with these few points below 

1. If you recall, Judgment was entered on 9th February 2021 in Suit No AB/407/2020 by the Ogun State High Court sitting in Abeokuta awarding the sums of N250 million each to MFM and Dr. Olukoya as aggravated and exemplary damages for Libel.

2. The two judgment creditors retained the services of Solicitors in the United Kingdom to register and enforce the said judgment against Maureen Badejo – the Judgment debtor – in the United Kingdom. The registration process was completed on 30th March 2021 when the High Court, Queen’s Bench Division granted two orders for the registration of the judgments for N250million each in favour of MFM and Dr. Olukoya respectively.i had written about this in my previous articles about this case 

3. From our findings we learnt that, Maureen Badejo filed an application to set aside the registration of the judgment in the United Kingdom and attached a bundle of papers; one of which was a Notice of Appeal filed in the Ogun State High Court, indicating her intention to appeal against the judgment of the said High Court to the Court of Appeal in Ibadan. The existence of this appeal was not known to the Judgment Creditors’ Solicitors until sometime in July when Maureen served them with her bundle. Meanwhile, Maureen’s application had been fixed for hearing on 2nd August 2021.

4. Realising that the Notice of Appeal bore a date stamp from the court showing that it was filed on 4th March 2021, well before the grant of the registration orders on 30th March 2021, the Judgment Creditors’ Solicitors wrote to the Court to suggest an indefinite adjournment pending the determination of Maureen’s appeal in Nigeria. This letter was copied to Maureen herself. 
The turn in the enforcement proceedings occurred in light of the fact that under section 9(2)(e) of the Administration of Justice Act, 1920, a foreign judgment will not be recognised or enforced in England if the court is satisfied that an appeal is pending or that the judgment debtor is entitled to and intends to appeal.
This is the very reason why the High Court, Queen’s Bench Division sitting in the UK SET ASIDE THE REGISTRATION OF THE JUDGMENT NOT THE JUDGMENT ITSELF as dubiously announced and celebrated by Maureen and her minions. 
The undisputable facts remain that:
1. The judgment of the High Court of Ogun State remains extant and subsisting.
2. Maureen Badejo is still a judgment debtor.
3. The same judgment can and in fact will still be registered and enforced in the UK against Maureen Badejo in the event that her appeals fail.
4. The setting aside was a deliberate act initiated by mfm lawyers not by her or the court as she claims
5. She is still in court for contempt 
6. The judge only awarded her a paltry amount of 50 pounds which I think is the biggest celebration of ridicule  
The kind of misleading report done by Maureen and Sahara Reporters on this issue speaks volume of their credibility as a source. One would expect that those who claim to enlighten the public should themselves be sufficiently enlightened. How can the blind lead the blind and, worse still, aim to lead the full-sighted down a dark slippery path?


FEMI OYEWALE -We will continue to bring you the truth and facts of this matter.

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