Covid-19: Unilag may Close Hostels


 The Senate of the University of Lagos could soon shut the institution’s hostels after holding an emergency meeting on Wednesday, according to reports.

A reliable inside source billed to attend the meeting confirmed that an emergency meeting had been summoned to decide on shutting down the hostel in light of recent reports of a third-wave on campus.

“We will be deciding on whether hostels should be shut and if physical classes should continue. Some of the students are already leaving the hostels even before our decision,” the academic staff said.

Some students and lecturers in the university have voiced fears and concerns about reports of a COVID resurgence on campus. They noted that students and workers in the hostels are mostly affected.

One of the students, who reside in one of the hostels on the university campus, said, “We are having many people falling sick with COVID-19 symptoms. We don’t know what is happening. Many of us have to start going home instead of sleeping in the hostel.”

Another student confirmed that her roommate tested positive and had been isolated.

“Yes, one of my roommates tested positive. After that, we (other roommates) went for the COVID-19 test but returned negative. People are saying that there is Delta variant on campus but I don’t know how true that is,” the undergraduate added.

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