Expert Makes Case For Natural Cookware, Raises Awareness on Dangers of Toxins



Expert Makes Case For Natural Cookware, Raises Awareness on Dangers of Toxins

…Says earthen cookware retain nutrients, prevents toxin.

Pastures, Pastries, Nurtures, Cultures, Skills, Mills) has urged Nigerians to embrace nature more and be wary of dangerous chemicals inherent in modern tools, foods and utensils.

Speaking at an organic agriculture and health forum on the topic: “Returning to Ancient Lifestyle otherwise known as Pristine Lifestyle”, Dr. Sadiq stated that there is an urgent need to return to natural lifestyle as it guarantees healthier and longer living.

She said: “It’s no news that our planet is in bad shape, thanks to the excessive usage of plastics and chemicals in general. But not only is our environment polluted but even our very own bodies.

“From the air we breathe to the water we drink, to foods, furniture, cosmetics and utensils, all have caged us in the world of toxins which pose greatest threats to human lives. Unfortunately it is the silent type, creeping into our defense systems and shattering humans from within. “

According to her, earthen and glass utensils are great with numerous health benefits while plastic and aluminum cookware are harmful especially when used for something got.

Enumerating further on health benefits of earthen cook wares, she said “the alkalinity when in contact with acidic foods neutralizes the PH before consumption rendering it a Natural Detox while its slow cooking process makes it retain 100% of nutrients in food compared to approximately 13% in other cook wares. This will determine if you’re eating “Food” or “Garbage”

“Its natural composition leaching into your foods provides you minerals like Calcium, Sulphur, Iron, Magnesium amongst others and a lack or insufficient quantities of these minerals can trigger health issues.

“Also, it retains the natural oils and moisture in foods which makes you require less additional oils. Reheating foods makes them lose further nutrients and earthen wares ditches that as it retains temperature for a longer period.

“It’s not nice to buy organic foods but end up jeopardizing the very essence as a result of cookware. We should start retracing our steps back to nature holistically!

“The fact that Glass Wares are Non-Toxic says it all but the downside is breakage. A lot of caution with temperature control and it scores high.

From Earthen to Glass to Iron to Rock Wares, loads of essential nutrients that are sometimes not found in foods get their way into the bodies to make it function optimally.

“In Biology classes, we were told that our bodies are run by a network of glands and hormones that regulate everything we do. Many think of the endocrine system as related to puberty, but indeed it has a star role in every phase of development, behaviour and human metabolism in general.”

Enumerating the dangers of toxins especially the ones accumulated from modern cookware, she said chemicals damage fetal development of the brain while chemical additives in many household consumables are harmful.

“The reason for the reduction in the weight of your cookware upon purchase and some years later is because you are consuming them gradually in your food.

“The more we disown our origin, the more mother Earth disowns us and which human made of clay can withstand Nature’s Betrayal? Despite the availability of fancy and expensive cook wares, it’s time we reroute back to our origin. We must embrace alternative cookware.

“In fact, some labels on some cookware will state that a particular temperature shouldn’t be exceeded. That should warn us to be cautious. Pets have died as a result of overheated cookware. In fact, just humans inhalation alone causes damages, let alone consuming the foods prepared in it.  It’s terrible to see sachet water bags left in the sun and people consuming them.

Speaking further on how humans abuse the body, Dr. Sadiq said, “Like a machine, we continually bombard the body left, right, top, bottom, back, front and from different angles till it finally gives way if left alone and not equipped to fight back.”

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