MFM: Maureen Badejo in deeper trouble, Slammed by an Austria court.



A court in Austria has given judgment to the case between Maureen Badejo and an Austrian MFM PASTOR kayode Owoduni Omowanile.

If you will recall sometime last year, Maureen Badejo was running her mouth by levying fake allegations on different pastors of MFM around the world including the General Overseer of the ministry by slandering and alleging fraud and theft by means of peddling fabricated stories. 

Anyway, to cut the story short, she was sued by one of the accused and the Judgments is what you will find below.

I would like to warn people who engage in evil journeys just to enrich themselves that the road may look rosy but the end there of is destruction. 

Kindly find attached the judgments of the Vienna Commercial Court with the suit number 17 Cg 50/20i – 31    

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