THugs murderd Mr Godwin Aghedo Osayende in Benin City Edo state.



On the afternoon of 12th  July 2017 my father was murdered in broad daylight by Nigeria’s ubiquitous “unknown gunmen”, the name given to unidentified attackers.

His killing, which happened to be on my birthday, was gruesome, cruel and senseless. As he struggled for his life no one helped or comforted him in his hour of need.

 Mr Godwin Aghedo Osayende ,age 75 years ,was shot to death in Upper Uwa Street Upper Sakponba road in Benin City Edo state, the Nigerian state where he was born, estimated to be home to more than 5 million people, where the security situation is emblematic of the greater challenges facing the country. It does not reflect the general values of the people.

I spoke with my father the day before his death. He complained about  how is life has been threatened by Osagie Moses if he refuse to being her Elder sister Aghedo Joy according to the initial agreement otherwise he will be kill,he also complained state of things in Nigeria.

 Mrs Patricia Aghedo who told Journalists who was on grand to cover the situation said that he father has been threatened on several occasions by the family of her sister husband Mrs Joy Aghedo who was forced to marry one Friday Moses due to his father was unable to pay the money he borrow From Mr Friday moses.

 Mrs Patricia Aghedo who further lamented that the marriage between her sister Mrs Achedo Joy was full of domestic violence and tortured but the worst happened when her sister husband who was top government official and a chieftain of All progressive Congress pass away in motor Accident, my sister was accused of killing her husband by the husband family,trouble started when the family of the late husband said that my sister as been brought over, in my external life I have never see  where human been is been bought,or sold we are not into slavery, first she was forced into marriage because my father was unable to pay the money he borrow From Mr Friday Moses,said by Mr Patricia Aghedo. 

 My sister Mrs Aghedo Joy was asked to marry the senior brother of her late husband who is a senior police officer Mr osagie Moses, on her refuser she was tortured by thugs who are loyal to Friday Moses and those police allegedly to be control by Osagie Moses.

 According to our Correspondent Mrs Joy Aghedo was sack from her home in June 2017 due to her refuse to enter a second force marriage, her 4 children was collected by Osagie Moses. 

According to a resident Monday Imadujiamu,who live in Upper uwa in Sakponba Street Benin City lamented to the lack of security agence to pay attention that was made to Nigeria police before his death on how he has been threatened by some unknown identity and some strange numbers who has been monitoring Mr Godwin Osayende Godwin, movement over the dissaperance of his Daughter Mr Aghedo Joy ,Mr Monday Further disclosed that Mr Aghedo Godwin has been threatened to be kill on several occasions to disclose to location of her daughter but Mr Aghedo Godwin make a complain at Nigeria police station Nothing was done about it ,he described Mr Aghedo Godwin ,as a noble man who as progress the Benin culture and tradition over the years, is very unfortunate that his life was cut short in this manner.

The Edionwele of Upper uwa who  Mr Osazewa Ekiadolor,condemned the murderd of Mr Godwin Aghedo,and blame it on negligence of security agencies desperate the threatening of Mrs Godwin Aghedo ,life because his daughter refuse to enter a second force marriage by the family of her late husband. 

 I totally condemned the act where human being will say that a fellow human being like them as been brought, her human right was first violated when she was force into the first marriage, Elder Osazuwa who said that police van has been coming in out of the street since June 10th when the daughter of Godwin Aghedo Mrs Joy Aghedo was declared wanted by the police on allegedly selling her husband properties, the elder further debunk this allegation and said it was act of intimidation by Osagie Moses. 

When the newsmen contacted the Edo state command of the Nigeria police said that the body of late Mr Aghedo Godwin has been deposited in mutuary pending further investigation of the case,when the spokesperson of the police was question on the allegedly declaration of Mrs Aghedo Joy the command said all machinery as been put in place all over the country to being Mrs Joy Aghedo to book and face justice on the account of selling her late husband property, the police further said that those who murderd Mr Godwin Aghedo will be arrested and face the law.

 Since the murdered of Aghedo Godwin Osayende, residents has fear for life saying that many shops has been close in the area because they fear that the unknown guy men will attack again.

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