12 died in Edo over revolution in Edo,as police declared Paul iselebor wanted.



The Edo state police command in Benin city on 26th January issued a statement that Mr Paul iselebor,a member of people democratic party have been declared wanted by the Nigeria police for threatening public safety, peaceful co-existence and social harmony in the country,which he use #that Buhari let my people go in January 23rd revolution protest in Irrua. 

      The Edo  police command Further states a total of 28th people was arrested while 12 people died due to the violent eruption of the so called protest which it was arm by the Enemy of Nigeria to sabotage the existing peace ,democracy and harmony in the country.

         The leader of the revolution group Mr Paul Iselebor,a Secretary of people democratic party in Ibori Community in Esan  Central local government area of Edo state that was held on the 23rd  of January escaped police Arrest at the venue which the said revolution was carried out,the men of Nigeria police was mobilised to the home of Mr Paul iselebor but  escaped an arrest of the police. 

                           Further more the police spokesperson said that on 6th June 2015,that Mr Paul was arrested for have been destabilise the Presidential Election that was held on the 28th March 2015, Electoral Offences and Allegedly declaring false results. Mr Paul iselebor was the ward 1 ibori collation agent of people democratic party.

         Mr Paul iselebor,who was held in police detection for weeks he was them released on the condition that he will no longer disturb political activities in the state. 

                 The  Nigerian Police said that Nigerians should disregard “threat of revolution” issued by Paul iselebor. 

The security agency also confirmed that iselebor, who lead a group known as #Buhari let my people go,according to our investigations and after much of interrogatings by the police and the suspects who we have in our custody, the Paul iselebor lead revolution against Nigeria government was planning to hold a similar protest slated on the 6th February.

The Public Relations Officer of Nigeria police command Edo state Mr. Christ  ikigho, stated this while addressing newsmen on Sunday in Benin City. 

According to him, the police  is charged with the responsibility of managing, curtailing, containing and eliminating threats against national security.

“These threats include threats of sabotage, threats of subversion, threat of terrorism and, of course, ethnic agitations, separatist agitations, economic sabotage and others.

“If we are operating as a responsible security organisation and someone is calling for revolution in Nigeria, we must understand the meaning of revolution.

         Reacting to the statement the people democratic party chairman in Esan Central local area Barrister Darlington Ose,said that the All progressive Congress lead federal government have mobilised all states securities agency to crack down on the members of the main opposition party in the name of fighting corruption, the people democratic party chairman who lamented bitterly on how the ruling All progressive Congress (APC)  have arrested alot of members of people democratic party since coming into office in May 29th 2015,no single member of Apc have been charged for corruption while is that the fight against corruption is one sided in this country, the party chairman states that the Buhari lead administration have reduced Nigeria democracy into nothing ever since they came into office.

          He further said that Nigeria have moved from democracy under PDP into autocracy in Apc lead federal government of Nigeria, the Apc as a party as bet on destroying the value added democratic value that the PDP have implemented since 1999.


A PDP official told journalists efforts made by people Democratic party legal team and lawyers to reach out to the party members arrested by the police has proved abortive since they  was taken into custody.


The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) further demanded the immediate release of the 28th members party’s , who where arrested and detained by the police,and comdermed the killings of people democratic party members at the protest that was held in 23rd January 

According to a statement by Prof. Adewale Oladipo, the party’s National Secretary, the arrest of the party members, which did not come to the party “as a surprise given series of threats to our party’s leader in Ibori Mr Paul iselebor,by the APC and the Federal Government, who are obviously not comfortable with our stance on the confused state of the nation under their watch, is a continuation of APC’s grand design to silence and decimate the PDP.”

The statement said that “The arrest of PDP members who was protesting peaceful underscores the growing political intolerance in our country and the foisting of a police state which was last Friday  underscored by the President and Commander-in-Chief himself, who defended why a government in a democracy should flout constitutional provision and brazenly disobey court orders.

“This onslaught against our spokesman, according to intelligence available to us is part of a larger script by the government to ensure that PDP wings are finally clipped in their mission to install a dictatorial one-party state in the country.”

The opposition party said that “Nigerians and the international community will recall that on a number of occasions, the PDP, through its spokesman has been outspoken on some undemocratic proclivities being exhibited by the APC-led Federal Government in the last seven months.

“We are also calling on the international community and well-meaning Nigerians to stand up for this democracy, which our party nurtured for 16 years and deepened to a level where the opposition, for the first time in our political history, had the opportunity to win in a general election.”

           The Nigeria police further states that   people Democratic party members that was arrested for broken the law of the country through the revolution protest will immediately charge to the federal High Court. 

                The police spokesperson state that Nigerians should report Mr Paul iselebor,to the nearest police station in the country any where they find him for arrest and persecution.

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